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Tron Legacy Trailer

Here, direct from Comic-Con, is the teaser trailer for Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2.0 or TR2N). Note, this is essentially the same video from last year, just much better quality. So Flynn Lives, eh. I’m certainly looking forward to this. Look for Tron Legacy to… Read More »Tron Legacy Trailer

Tron 2.0 – New Details Revealed

Ain’t It Cool News has some new details outlining the plot of the Tron sequel. It goes without saying there are spoilers aplenty, so don’t click through unless you want to be spoiled. It sounds like they are still trying to decide on the title… Read More »Tron 2.0 – New Details Revealed

Tron Sequel Predicted to be Wild, Unlike Nothing Ever Seen

TRON 2.0, aka TR2N, the long anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking original Disney film has been picking up cast members and apparently impressing them. Olivia Wilde was quoted on the Golden Globes red carpet making some fairly lofty statements. “It’s going to be a kind… Read More »Tron Sequel Predicted to be Wild, Unlike Nothing Ever Seen

Speculation on Tron 2

Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon, a movie news website, had never seen the original Tron movie before. Hard to believe I know. But it provides him a unique (non-fanboy) perspective on TR2N, aka Tron 2.0, after watching the original for the first time. one… Read More »Speculation on Tron 2

Tr2n Trailer refound

Found another copy of the TR2N teaser trailer. It’s back up on the original post until the lawyers request that copy be removed too. It’s really not fair for Disney to show the trailer to an open event and not expect others to want to… Read More »Tr2n Trailer refound

TR2N Trailer

Update: The Vimeo video is down, but it’s back up on youtube, which will no doubt go down shortly after I post this (*waves to Disney lawyers!*). Yes, it’s not the best quality video, but it was publicly released, so Disney should expect it to… Read More »TR2N Trailer

Cardboard Tron

Tron by freres-hueon This is some amazing piece of film work by the brothers Hueon. It remakes the classic light-cycle duel from Disney’s 1982 classic film TRON, but with a twist. That twist is stop motion animation using paper and cardboard to recreate the duel.… Read More »Cardboard Tron