Tr2n Trailer refound

Found another copy of the TR2N teaser trailer. It’s back up on the original post until the lawyers request that copy be removed too. It’s really not fair for Disney to show the trailer to an open event and not expect others to want to see it.

4 thoughts on “Tr2n Trailer refound”

  1. While it may not be fair John, it is expected. It’s an event that people pay to go to and most know that they’re going to be getting a preview of things not our, or not ready for the public. That’s why we get to see stuff like footage of “Sin City” well before it comes out, or some “300” scenes, or even the Tron 2 trailer.

    I was surprised to see a good deal of stuff on the web. I chalk it up to people that haven’t attended the Con much before… most of us respect what the panels ask of us. It makes me worry that if fans keep violating the agreements that they ask of you at Comicon they may start to not show anything to the guest that come there.

    And that’s one of the things that is special about the San Diego Comicon… if you want to see some of what makes the Con special, you should probably attend it.

    As for that Tron footage, I have an idea that sometime in the future someone at the Mouse is going to release some or all of it… it’s just a matter of time.

  2. This whole cat-and-mouse thing on the part of the Disney lawyers and the bloggers could be smart marketing on Disney’s part. I think it creates more excitement and gets more people to talk about the trailer and the movie itself.

    It’s kind of like when the hot new toy that every kid will want for Christmas this year is “scarce” and hard to find. This creates buzz as people wait in long lines (or overnight, or whatever) to get one for their kid. Then either just before or just after Christmas, it is EVERYWHERE and no big deal anymore.

  3. I saw the bootleg video and my mouth dropped, absolutely love the idea they’re FINALLY making a GOOD SEQUEL to Tron (hopefully anyway – I love that Jeff Bridges is in it, Can we hope for Boxleitner too??)

    I just went out today and bought the original – now is this clip online a bootleg? Yes, but it inspired me fork out 20-odd bucks to Disney for the original and when the sequel hits theaters you know I’m gonna be first in line to see it.

    Point is – viral video can only help. Now if they’re smart they’ll release a proper trailer online so we may salivate even more…

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