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TR2N Trailer

Update: The Vimeo video is down, but it’s back up on youtube, which will no doubt go down shortly after I post this (*waves to Disney lawyers!*). Yes, it’s not the best quality video, but it was publicly released, so Disney should expect it to be shared online. If they don’t like the quality, the way to fix that is easy. Release a better version. I promise to embed it.

As far as I know the TR2N (aka Tron 2.0) teaser trailer hasn’t officially been released by Disney other than that screening at SDCC. So here is a slightly blurry, zoomed in and adjusted, video of the trailer taken from someone in the audience. It’s the best I’ve seen so far. See it now before Disney legal sics their dogs.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see this right now. I hope it gets the IMAX treatement as well as Digital 3-D. Can you imagine?

Previously: Tron 2.0 Trailer debuts at SDCC – TR2N.

[ hat tip: Tron 2.0 Trailer blog ]

32 thoughts on “TR2N Trailer”

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  2. The TR2N trailer is the best trailer I have ever seen!

    Anyone know when this trailer will be officially released so that we may view it in better resolution?

    “Like a man says, no problems, only solutions.”

  3. I just can’t see a TRON 2 working – and not somehow ruining the original. Delayed sequels like this (aka ‘Phantom Menace’) tend to disappoint.

    1. You cant really call the phantom menace a sequel when the story took place before the original, and besides, there were already books with the plot from the phantom menace years and years before the actual movie came out

  4. Guys, posting trailers online like that is going to make the studios less likely to reveal future projects. Don’t be a jerk. Wait for the official trailers.

  5. I can’t express how happy I am with Disney right now. Now if they could only release Tron on Blu-ray and include this trailer in high def I would be super happy! I will be spending the entire day at the theater when Tron 2 is released.

  6. Rob – I’m willing to give the story the benefit of the doubt for now. I’m a glass half full kind of guy, and think more along the lines of Star Trek: The Next Generation than Phantom Menace. Re-imagining a universe can work.

    Ray – Before jumping on people too much, consider studios often hope for this kind of leak to gauge interest, and to cash in on the “viral” media buzz. I have a hard time believing Disney would really show a trailer at a comic convention they want to keep too secret. Conventions, by their very nature, are full of tech-savvy, video-posting fanboys. I’m also not impressed with the efforts Disney has put forth to get these videos off the internet. Seems a bit half-hearted to me.

  7. Disney has been cautious about updating Tron, despite the fan base for the movie that has developed over the years, because the first Tron didn’t originally meet box office expectations. I think the live reaction to the con footage, and the immediate viral spread of the trailer to all parts of the internet, has helped inform Disney that this is a movie worth making. Keeping in mind, this footage is not part of the film–it was all set up, even Jeff Bridges part, as a mini proof-of-concept movie. Much may change in the actual movie–this was just a “toe-in-the-water” test by Disney, and the reaction it’s been getting on the Internet will, I think, help ensure the real film actually does get made. Yay, the Interwebs!

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  10. Under_cover_disney

    This movie is being made. I can’t give specifics due to corp rules, but Tron 2 is a reality soon to be made real. It will be in Hi-def and Blu-ray as well.

  11. Big fan of tron,can somebody tell me any kind of details about anything related to the movie. Ill be counting the days to its release.

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  13. I’m happy that this movie is being made. While it wasn’t that big a success in the theatres at the time, it gained an immensely huge popularity afterwards. Inspiration for any artist, programmer, gamer. I saw it when I was very little, it was magic to me. TR2N will be a success (perhaps even more so than other PIXAR movies), Disney need not worry. For me it’s about the art, and immersiveness of the world (the trailer nailed it so far). Only cheesyness, too much dialogue may ruin it. I like it dark and serious. GREAT new for every Tron fan (who isn’t, only a freak doesn’t like Tron).

  14. YAY MORE TRON !!!!

    from what I understand they have been trying to get this project off the ground for about ten years. they even had a script that eventually got turned into a video game at one point. Finally we get the second movie where the MCP gets an upgrade.

    Now if everyone can just relax enough to enjoy the movie without worrying about comparing it or whatever….. Seriously though I can see how certain sequels such as the phantom menace didn’t live up to the originals, unfortunately in the end I believe that nothing can compare to the collective imagination of a large group of fans who have been left to their own devices for such a long time. When held to that sort of standard the movie couldn’t possibly succeed.
    in the end take hope in the fact that other movies were pretty good (such as the Transformers movie which could have been total crap).
    if you want to enjoy it then you can, if on the other hand you are looking to be offended then there is nothing anyone can do.

    by the way if you want a cheesy plot how about the MCP (master control program) versus Skynet (from terminator).

  15. Guys….Everybody, Come On !!
    This is TRON and Jeff Bridges we are talking about here.That trailer blew my mind away!! My opinion is that the original movie itself was ahead of it’s time, the story was awesome, the action scenes with the disc was original and freaking awesome, the lightcycle scene was freaking mind blowing ( when I am watching the movie I only rewind the lightcycle scene 15-20 times before I finish watching the rest of the movie ) and who didn’t want to be Flynn dodging huge tanks with his lightcycle and going where he wanted to go in the game.

    I am beyond being elated that they are finally making the sequel.The original was the first of it’s kind in reference to computer animation and their computers taking months to render 5 min in a scene and waiting for it to transpire. You have to appreciate the dedication and hard work that was put behind this.

    It’s strange because I have seen TRON come on cable twice last month when I haven’t seen TRON on TV in years! HHmmmmmm…….!

    Anyway, for this MOVIE I WILL WAIT IN LINE FOR!!!

    This time when I buy the Tron toys that come out with this movie, I WILL HOLD ON TO THEM !!!

  16. Wow, it took them 20+ years to start production on this one, and it doesnt look like it’ll disappoint. I just want an offical release so I can stop watching the cam version!

  17. I am probably on of Tron’s biggest fans. I remember seeing tron in 82′ and being mezmerized ever since. I really want this to do well. Now here’s the catch. After watching the video, there is a hope that they will have the suits modified before it’s official trailer hits the market. Syde Meade (The designer of the original costumes and the Bikes) Got it right the first time. It will take an experienced futurist to ensure that this version holds up and does not get outdone by it’s predecessor. There are alot of pictures being thrown together these days, and this is not a movie you can’t do that with. Laziness is not an option here people!!!

  18. Amazing! Tron was a part of my childhood, Only five at the time when seeing it on the bug screen and later my dad buying a copy for our RCA, I still have the laser disk of this classic! Seeing this teaser had chills running up my back.
    Kevin Flynn is back!

  19. All this talk of the suits being different and light cycles not turning on a 90deg angle… sheesh!!!
    If you guys had your way we’d all still be working on Sinclair ZX81’s!!!
    It’s called progress people, and it has been at its most obvious in the technology and computer fields.
    I, for one, am looking forward to a little updating of the TRON world – as magnificent and awe inspiring as the original was.

  20. Disney! Why don’t you have a TR2N website like The Watchmen!? I want to see a good trailer of it soon.
    Please hook it up.

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