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Disney Fan Podcast Update – This week on the Big 3

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Lou talks to some Moms on WDWRadio, A Window to the Magic has a VIP Hopper, and Ricky finally went to the Adventurer’s Club. All this and more

This Week On The Big 3!

This week’s WTTM is a “WTTM Dream Team” episode. Needless to say, I was holding my breath. I was relived to hear Adrianne & Elliott with a very interesting show concept. I won’t spoil all the details. I will say this, I have a Figment plush and I want to know why mine didn’t come with this VIP Hopper Pass. There are a few corny moments sprinkled throughout but overall they do a really good job. I enjoyed their unique perspective on the various park experiences that they enjoy the most. I’m looking forward to more from these two, another top-notch episode by the Dream Team. I’m holding my breath for the Dream Team episode that scares me most; the dreaded over acting of the Dichter. When will Paul spring it on us? Run on over to iTunes to download this week’s episode of a Window to the Magic.

This week on WDWRadio (itunes), Lou dishes some interesting news and rumors. For those still under the rock, Walt Disney World released their 2009 travel packages and ticket hikes. They’ve re-worked the dining packages yet again. Now, you have the option of purchasing a Quick Service package consisting of 2 Quick Service meals and 2 snacks. Kidani Village over at Animal Kingdom Lodge will begin taking reservations for May ’09 and beyond. I better get on the line with DVC. The princesses and I have been waiting for that one. He mentions the new Pirate rooms at Caribbean Beach. Sounds like a neat way to stay in the magic.

The bulk of the show is Lou’s roundtable discussion with 7 members of the Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel. Kim LaPaglia, Beth Choisez, Laura Spencer, Kara Bacon, Erin Foster, Heather Roberts-Nault, and Bret Caldwell (the token Dad) join Lou to discuss how they were chosen for the panel, what they’ve been doing and the experiences they’ve had so far. It was a very interesting discussion. I tried my best to get a spot on the panel to no avail. I only hold a teeny, tiny grudge I promise! If you’ve been wondering what the Mom’s Panel does check out this week’s edition of WDWRadio.

We begin as always on Inside the Magic (itunes) with Ricky’s trip “Around the World.” The most interesting rumors Ricky has are a possible new roller coaster at the Studios and the possibility of our favorite pirate becoming a Hatter. Want the dirty details, check out the show. A new segment is starting on ITM. Greg, a loyal show listener and forum member, is getting ready to embark on an Adventures by Disney ‘Backstage Magic’ tour. He’ll be providing us with a recap of the trip as he and his wife experience it. The tour sounds like a lot of fun so this is one I’m looking forward to.

The BIG piece of this week’s show is Ricky’s review of The Adventurer’s Club. Yes, podosphere, Ricky finally went to the Club. Did he like it? What were his thoughts? Of course, I’m not going to spoil it for you. I will say this I don’t think he’ll be going back anytime soon. We round out this episode with “Cruising the World” with Skipper Ben. The good Skipper dips into the mailbag to answer some listener questions. The Top 3 is still going. Let Skipper Ben know what your Top 3 ways to beat the heat are. In Listener Feedback, the recipe for the Pineapple Dream from the Barefoot Pool Bar at the Polynesian is finally revealed. It sounds divine. I will definitely have to mix one up. Be sure to check out this week’s Inside the Magic for this and so much more.

I’ll jump in here with a short programming note. The princesses and I are off to Walt Disney World on the 11th. I’ll do my best to get a post out before we leave. Look for this series to resume on August 25th.