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The Mole: Three to Boom

Here we are at the penultimate episode of The Mole. Mark, Nicole, and Craig are left. One of them is The Mole, and I don’t know who. (Can we just skip ahead to the finale so I can find out? Please?)

The action picks up again in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There will be two missions and the final quiz. And none of the players claim to know who The Mole is. Well, okay, Nicole says she does. She thinks it is Craig.

The first mission is “Tick, Tock, Boom.” They have one hour to diffuse a bomb hidden behind bullet proof glass. Also behind the glass is $50K. If they diffuse the bomb, they will get the money added to the pot. If they don’t, the money goes boom. And that’s all they are told.

They quickly figure out they have to cut one wire. But, to figure out which wire to cut, they have to use the world locations on the wall, random letters, a giant clock, and a piece of glass with blank spaces. There’s also a hidden item. And it is the key to figuring out the entire thing.

Craig finds the time zone map, aka the hidden item. Two of them have to pull the map down while the other looks at it. They used that to get times from Greenwich Mean Time, but they couldn’t figure out what to do with them once they had them.

But once again, Craig saved the day. He figures out that the time zones corresponded to the time on the giant clock in the middle of the field. By changing the time, they were able to figure out which letters they needed. But the letters were all jumbled, so they had to unscramble them. Then, they discovered that some of the letters were wrong, so they changed them. They figured out that part of the phrase was “red plus blue” but debated about whether that meant purple or two wires, red and blue. With under a minute, they cut the purple wire. Which was the right decision because they won!

Now most people would say with the way Craig saved the day means he couldn’t be The Mole. But it seemed too easy. Maybe it was the way he was edited. But I could see the producers telling him how to do it to throw suspicious off himself.

The final mission of the season is “Three to Tango.” It’s worth $75K. The players were given three envelops. Each envelop had different clues to different locations. Once they figured them out, they had to call Jon on the provided cell phone (and unless I missed it, this was a product placement since they never told us what brands they are) and take a picture of them completing a task at that location. Once all three tasks were done, they were sent to their final location. At which point comes the twist. The first person to the final location could either put $75K in the pot or trade it for The Mole’s profile.

Craig knows the city, put Mark runs fast. Nicole, on the other hand, takes her time. Nicole doesn’t follow her directs for her first task completely. But when she decides she’s done enough, she moves on, making Jon roll his eyes. When she finally does it, she becomes a poor sport and starts grumbling.

Frankly, with the way this task was cut, it’s hard to describe. They cut between all three of them. It makes sense while watching, but I’m not sure I can do it justice.

Ultimately, Craig and Mark finish neck and neck. The final location is a bridge that Craig has been wanting to visit. But Mark’s speed allowed him to get there first, meaning he gets to make the decision. He thinks about it while Craig and Nicole show up. Nicole didn’t finish by the time the other two made it to the bridge, so they just drove her to the final location.

Mark decided to open the profile, costing the team money. Frankly, it’s what I would have done. If I didn’t and lost, I would have been kicking myself for the rest of my life. So, after all these weeks, the grand total these three are playing for is $420,000 because Jon bumped it up for them by $1.5K to make it a nice round number.

The final quiz had 20 questions. And the questions cover the entire season of missions. They take it in front of each other, each working on separate lap tops.

And that’s tonight’s show. Next week, we find out who won, who was The Mole, how he or she did their work. Plus all 12 players will be reunited. This will definitely be worth watching.

Until then, we must entertain ourselves with final guesses. Anyone care to offer a new theory on who The Mole is?