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Speculation on Tron 2

TR2N Title

Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon, a movie news website, had never seen the original Tron movie before. Hard to believe I know. But it provides him a unique (non-fanboy) perspective on TR2N, aka Tron 2.0, after watching the original for the first time.

one thing the first film does do is set up the sequel with many avenues to go down. Tron was something of a man against the system story, and it opens the door to a man against man inside the system story; it’s just a matter of whether or not man will continue to die while inside the system and how much effect the Disney production factor will have on the film’s storyline.

Obviously The Matrix already ripped off a lot of what Tron brought to the table initially, but in a far more elastic way. Tron is set in a very controlled environment, but it appears there is some leeway for a rogue program inside the system, which essentially is what Neo and Morpheus were when they jacked into the Matrix.

Lots of other interesting ideas there too.

I’m really jumping ahead a bit here, But the proof of concept footage leaked from Comic-Con showed me that TR2N could easily become another Walt Disney Pictures epic trilogy along the likes of Pirates Of The Caribbean or Narnia for Disney.

The basics rules for the rich world of Tron are already established, they just need to be fleshed out to a world wide level. There are also plenty of heavy issues involved with computers and their influences on our lives that haven’t been addressed since the original TRON was released. The original Matrix touched on it, but the sequels took another direction.

With some great screenwriters I think we could be loving this new world of TRON for years to come.