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Central Florida Theme Park closures related to Fay

So far all three of the big theme parks are open today. Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal are operating as normal (Disney actually opened an hour early) with everything subject to changing weather conditions. Wet-n-Wild is closed and it’s probably not going to be much fun at any of the other water parks since they close quickly when extreme weather and lightning are near.

Most of the smaller attractions have closed for the day. Cypress Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, and Port Canaveral have announced closures for the day. If you have an airflight today, check with your air carrier for status. If you have to travel on the roads, drive carefully leaving extra distance between yourself and the car ahead of you. If the roads are flooded, do not enter standing or moving water. You don’t know if the road has been washed out our not.

As for the track of Tropical Storm Fay, it is over land and has shifted east now and weakened considerably from when it was in the gulf. It should be back in the Atlantic this evening sometime where it will likely strengthen a bit and then make a turn west back over land in northern Florida or Southern Georgia. The main result will be a couple buckets full of rain and some possible flooding.

Hopefully everyone prepared for a serious storm. It’s better to be prepared and not to have to act, than to have to act at the last minute with no preparations. Stay safe everyone!