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TRON Viral Marketing at hit at SDCC

There was a lot of Disney related news from San Diego Comic-Con yesterday. I hope to do a complete roundup tonight. But this was so cool, I didn’t want to let it pass.

The folks at Disney started the buzz for the Tron sequel at last year’s con. This year they’ve revealed the films name – Tron Legacy – and some great concept art. But the real hit seems to be this new viral ARG that led some folks on a very special adventure last night:

I’ve got to say – this could easily have been one of the greatest viral marketing stunts I’ve ever seen. You probably all heard about the joker scavenger hunt at Comic-Con a few years back – this definitely topped that one. We honestly didn’t know what was happening every step of the way and it was so exciting to be a part of this. I really did get chills when I noticed that the sign above the inconspicuous building we were standing outside was a giant “Flynn’s” sign. It’s this kind of stuff that makes this so incredibly awesome – they know what will make fans just go crazy and they really blew our minds this time. Bravo, Disney!

Read the whole story and watch some incredible video over at FirstShowing.

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