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tiki room

Update on Tiki Room Fire

Just a quick update on some rumors swirling around the fire that took place at the Enchanted Tiki Room earlier this week. The original word from Disney was that it was just a small attic fire with only some minor damaged caused by water from… Read More »Update on Tiki Room Fire

Fire Reported at Magic Kingdom Tiki Room

Local news is reporting a fire at the Magic Kingdom in the complex that houses the Tiki Room. The fire was in the attic of the building and was extinguished by sprinkler system. Nearby attractions in restaurants have been evacuated, No injuries have been reported.… Read More »Fire Reported at Magic Kingdom Tiki Room

Delightful New Tiki Room Collectibles

Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily have put their creative minds together and come up with a new line of Tiki Room collectibles that will inspire the Disney or Tiki fan in all of us. Inspire us to reach for our wallet’s that is. Prices range… Read More »Delightful New Tiki Room Collectibles

Promoted from the comments…

Welcome to Disneyland! Before entering the park, please stop by our Medical and Psychological Screening Pavillion for initial clearance, then sign this small Guest Waiver form (or you may download the 96-page document from prior to your trip here). Once these steps are completed, you may purchase a One-Day ticket from our booths at… Read More »Promoted from the comments…

Wistful Vacation Remembrances…

Another random trip report, of sorts. Robin, who is a wedding photographer by trade, posts her remembrances of her first trip to WDW in preparation for her upcoming trip to Disneyland. (Plus another visit to the Tiki Room)

Tiki Room Refurb

The Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland was the first attraction to utlize animatronic figures on a large scale. Since it’s 1963 opening the birds have been entertaining thousands of guests daily. In the 90s an edit was performed on the show to bring it down… Read More »Tiki Room Refurb