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the lion king

Happy Party Gras!!!

A quick trip down Memory Lane in honor of Mardi Gras. The year was 1990, the occasion was Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary. A event which I missed due to my being a poor college student at the time. The parade was Party Gras! This parade is often ranked as the best Disneyland parade ever. It featured… Read More »Happy Party Gras!!!

Disney Creates Seperate Unit for Digital Animation

Okay. This is actually old news. But a Reuters article that ran yesterday is stirring up the dust again. Disney has to start completely from scratch on this Toy Story sequel. Apparently, Pixar isn’t obligated to give them anything, not even character model sheets. explains the general feelings out there on his blog. Of… Read More »Disney Creates Seperate Unit for Digital Animation

Pixar’s next film: Cars

Cheech Marin, whose voice you have heard in Oliver and Company, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, and The Lion King, is voicing one of the cars in next years Pixar release — Cars. shares some interesting information about his character and reveals a little of the films plot. (via)

Disney’s Top Animated Features, an online community for teens and twenty somethings, has posted their top ten list of Classic Disney Animated Films. The Lion King rules the roost beating out some of the more recent films including those by Pixar. Here’s the total list:     Bolt’s Top 10 Animated Movies     1.  The Lion King… Read More »Disney’s Top Animated Features

J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?

Perry at Samizdata ponders about the constitution of children and why they’re often treated with kid gloves by Disney while J.K. Rowling appears happy to kill one off everynow and then. To this I say Rubbish. More Disney films feature the loss of one or both parents then I care to count. If the parent… Read More »J.K. Rowling, the anti-Disney?

Lion King at Paris Disneyland

Paris Disneyland has had its troubles recently. The second gate is underbuilt, its debt load makes it nearly impossible to operate in the black, and there is some evidence the tight fisted management policies beginning to drive away the tourist. It used to be that once you got someone to the park, they were overwhelmed… Read More »Lion King at Paris Disneyland

Disney Roundup: III

Checking out the top Disney Fan Websites, here are a few of the stories and updates that have been written in the last week: Doobie, from, checks in with his periodic LP Report concerning news and rumors from Disneyland and Disney World., has posted a half dozen excellent updates on the latest construction… Read More »Disney Roundup: III