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Disney Creates Seperate Unit for Digital Animation

Okay. This is actually old news. But a Reuters article that ran yesterday is stirring up the dust again. Disney has to start completely from scratch on this Toy Story sequel. Apparently, Pixar isn’t obligated to give them anything, not even character model sheets. explains the general feelings out there on his blog.

Of course, there was also this story in Fox News (of all places) explaining that Disney is already havinga hard time getting talent to direct in and voice the Toy Story sequel. Pixar is becoming the 800 pound gorilla that Disney used to be.

Disney and Pixar are scheduled to go their separate ways after the next film from the partnership – Cars. At the rate things are going, I’m becoming less and less optimistic that Disney can retain the relationship with Pixar.

Oh yeah, I love this quote from Dick Cook, Chair of the Disney Studios.

"We’re not falling on our swords anymore," Cook told analysts. "This is a new beginning for feature animation."

Newsflash: you’ve been falling on your swords (read as: commiting suicide as an animation powerhouse  (direct to video sequels, firing the hand drawn animators, playing moneyball with art, etc)) for years now. The division is so far dead that even another The Lion King would be hard pressed to save it. The public is on to your little game, and the only thing that is saving your ass so far is the lack of competition. Well Pixar is going to fill that gap. I hope you’re ready.

2 thoughts on “Disney Creates Seperate Unit for Digital Animation”

  1. Disney vs. Pixar

    Link: The Disney Blog: Disney Creates Seperate Unit for Digital Animation. This really sucks for Disney and those of us who actually like to watch Disney movies.

  2. It unfortunate, but I’ll be siding with Pixar over Disney if it comes down to it. And you’re talking about a Disney freak here. :)

    Of course, Chicken Little does look promising.

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