Pixar’s next film: Cars

Cheech Marin, whose voice you have heard in Oliver and Company, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, and The Lion King, is voicing one of the cars in next years Pixar release — Cars. Comingsoon.net shares some interesting information about his character and reveals a little of the films plot. (via)

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  1. Lier Lier Pants on fire!
    As an honest greeting to how the promotional crew of this movie have put it in “Comming feature” in european cinemas. For more than a Year ago fall 2004 there was a trailer for Cars in my local Cinema, and I promised my Nephews to go when it Arrived, Which it was supposed to do in May. In May, all the way up to this I was reminded by my nephews of this. In May, It wasn’t to be sent until November. Sad nephews. Again November. Nothin’, January 2006; It is set to be played this summer. Is this information as thrustworthy as the first one distributed to cinemas from 2004? Lier lier Pants on fire. PLaying with Kids’ minds like this. Do yo really think I would like to contribute money to keep up disinformation in this way?
    I say keep up the work on preventing piracy. People really want to give rotten campainers their money. And buy empty dvds. America, Buck Yeah!

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