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Disney makes big moves on Broadway

The OC Register looks at Disney’s growing presence in the realm of Broadway musicals. With the long running The Lion King and the newest player Mary Poppins…

Factor in "Beauty and the Beast," faithfully drawing in the crowds in New York since 1994; "Tarzan," an expensive extravaganza that opened to underwhelming reviews in New York last May; and an upcoming live-musical version of "The Little Mermaid," which bows in Denver next June, and you’ve got five – count ’em, five – Disney products all angling to separate musical-theater fans from a big chunk of their wallets

Plus the new Finding Nemo show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is ready to step into any open gap with a few more songs and some workshop work.

I disagree with the article’s premise that 5 shows may be too much for Disney (and with AIDA and High School Musical playing in various locations and capacities it’s really 7 shows). In Broadway’s heyday it wasn’t unusual for one production company to have 10-15 shows running at once.

All this tells me is that Disney has hit on a formula which has brought audiences back to the great white way. I hope they continue to do so well into the future. Broadway Musicals should never go away.

2 thoughts on “Disney makes big moves on Broadway”

  1. I think Disney is over exposing itself on Broadway. They are trying to ride on the coat tails of BATB and TLK, and it will not work. I used to buy open week tickets for a Disney show, but now with the ridiculous $200 for regular seats for Tarzan, I am saving my money

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