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New Poster for DuckTales Animated Series Reboot

Disney has unveiled a new poster for its 2017 reboot of the animated series “Ducktales.” It will appear on DisneyXD at an as yet unannounced date. We’ve also learned who will be on the creative team and a few more details. The poster features Huey,… Read More »New Poster for DuckTales Animated Series Reboot

Disney to end Gravity Falls after 2 Seasons

Normally the Disney Channel likes to wrap up its popular animated series right around 100 episodes. That’s just about 5 seasons and a couple of special episodes. Fans of Disney XD’s Gravity Falls who were hoping for a similar run were disappointed over the weekend… Read More »Disney to end Gravity Falls after 2 Seasons

Disney Television Animation Pads Executive Ranks

When you’re having your most successful year ever, it’s okay if you revel in your success just a bit. Disney Television Animation (TVA) has chosen to celebrate their best year ever by elevating several employees including four key executive appointments. In recognition of the bold… Read More »Disney Television Animation Pads Executive Ranks

DisneyXD’s “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” debut is #1 most watched animated series in network’s history


Last month we introduced you to “Star vs. The Forces of Evil,” the newest animated series to come to DisneyXD; today we’re happy to share that its debut made it the network’s #1 animated series premiere ever with 1.2 million total viewers.

DisneyXD is having quite a bit of success recently. “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” and “Star Wars Rebels” are the network’s top 2 animated series launches of all time in total viewers.

“Star vs. The Forces of Evil,” a production of Disney Television Animation, created and executive-produced by 2009 California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) graduate Daron Nefcy, follows fiercely awesome teen princess Star Butterfly. After receiving an all-powerful magic wand for her 14th birthday, Star is sent by her Royal Parents to live with the Diaz family on Earth, bringing along her own unique inter-dimensional style to her new home. Together with the Diaz’s teenage son, Marco, they navigate high school and embark on dimension-hopping adventures across the multiverse while keeping her wand out of the clutches of arch-nemesis Ludo and his monstrous forces of evil.

Read More »DisneyXD’s “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” debut is #1 most watched animated series in network’s history

DisneyToon Studios layoffs mark shift in animation market


Remember the days when you raced to the Disney Store to pick up the latest VHS release and an exclusive litho? If you’re like us, you have dozens of those lithographs in boxes and a huge pile of VHS tapes tucked in a corner somewhere.

The Mouse House could make money hand over whisker those days, sometimes just by not releasing a film and putting it the vault for 5 to 7 years. Then came DVDs and things got crazy. Disney turned to classic editions, platinum editions, diamond editions, each slightly different than the previous edition and all of them finding their way to the shelves of Disney fans.

Out of that glorious money tree, came DisneyToon Studios. What started off as a way to get Disney Television Animation’s “The Return of Jafar” into the home video market became a bounty of VHS tapes, and later DVDs. Eventually DisneyToon Studios an animated theatrical film producer in its own right. It was as much a move to combat the public’s unwillingness to buy another copy of a VHS tape or DVD when they knew a new format was just around the corner (Blu-Ray, Digital, or on-demand) as it was an artistic move.

Still as DisneyToon Studios matured, quality improved and audiences were thrilled to see Tinkerbell and her adventure on the big screen. Disney even almost managed to make Planes a bonifide franchise. But not quite as the latest attempt hasn’t had half the success of the first Planes film. And face it, even the most ardent Disney fans will eventually tire of seeing Tinkerbell and her fairy friends everywhere.

And so, what is to become of DisneyToon Studios? Well it will probably fade away, at least for a while.Read More »DisneyToon Studios layoffs mark shift in animation market