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storybook circus

Dumbo Interactive Queue Preview from Storybook Circus

Yesterday I shared some of the changes to the exterior of the new twin-spinner Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction in Storybook Circus, today I’m excited to be sharing some photos of the interior of that attractions. Wait, you say. Why would a spinner have an interior? It’s all part of Imagineering’s plan to make waiting for the ride less painful.

Back when WDI first started talking about the new Dumbo queue they said rather than lining up in a switchbacks, it would be a place where kids could move freely and interact with various elements in the building. Parents would be able to wait comfortably while watching their kids run around. One’s place in line would be held virtually and an announcement would indicate when your boarding group was ready to head to the loading zone.

Looking at these pictures shared by Disney, that vision looks essentially intact. Perhaps it’s a bit more playground / obstacle course than I envisioned.

Also, Disney says that instead of an announcement to tell you when to grab your kid and head to a loading zone, some sort of paging device will be used. Disney has tested out, in theory, how this system will work during some experiments over at Rock-n-Roller Coaster. According to sources, results were mixed. So we’ll keep a close eye on how this is working out once it opens to guests.

Update: Video of the queue ‘in use’ by kids and some background on the project from an Imagineer.

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New Fantasyland Update – Magic Kingdom Expansion Progress

Took a stroll through the Magic Kingdom over the weekend and discovered that things are really in high gear throughout most of the new Fantasyland expansion project. Here are photos with some of the highlights (all the photos have larger versions if you click on them).

Work is in high gear to get the Casey Jr Soak Zone ready for the summer. Since I took this photo they’ve added even more, including many of the circus animals that will double as water fountains. Also note the landscaping and work on the red tent. Apparently the red-tent will be a meet and greet area featuring Donald, Chip & Dale, Goofy, and similar classic characters..

Although the Dumbo ‘tent’ was once all beautifully painted, they’ve stripped off that finish and started new work on the exterior.

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Magic Kingdom Update – New Fantasyland and more

Time marches on and summer is almost here. That means it’s time for another photo update from the Magic Kingdom. Disney continues making real progress toward opening the rest of Storybook Circus and, hopefully, parts of Fairytale Forest (of whatever they’re calling the new section these days).

It’s a long update today, so let’s get right to it, then, shall we. The Bakery facade remains shrouded along with two buildings in Town Square. I’m glad they’re doing the facade refurbishments, but it has been taking a long time.

Rapunzel is now doing meet & greets next to Town Hall. Her old place near Fantasyland is being converted for the Scottish Princess Merida. I think they should have had a cage match with the winner earning the best location.

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Magic Kingdom Update – Slow Progress in Fantasyland (Part 1)

I always enjoy a nice stroll around the Magic Kingdom, this weekend was no exception. Despite the Easter holiday, crowds were relatively light. Disney was prepared, however. There were lots of extended queues at he ready and extra manager types hanging around.

There’s plenty to see, even though not much progress has been made overall.

Although it’s not the most direct route, I like approaching Storybook Circus via the path near Space Mountain. They’re working on something behind the roundhouse for the Great Goofini trains.

However, the signage on the construction walls leaves something to be desired.

They’ve added the word ‘Water’ and a little bit more aging to the water tower at the station..

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Posters from The Great Goofini

A big thanks to Disney Parks for sharing better quality images of those great posters which are part of the themeing of the Barnstormer featuring Goofy as the Great Goofini coaster in the Storybook Circus area in Magic Kingdom. I love the humor and the… Read More »Posters from The Great Goofini

New Fantasyland Update – Vertical Construction on Mine Train Coaster has Begun

Popped into the Magic Kingdom for a late afternoon stroll and was surprised to see how much work has progressed in the last two weeks. Not only has the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster gone vertical, but lots of little details have been added to the already detail rich Storybook Circus area. Let’s go see, shall we:

New Fantasyland Expansion Magic Kingdom
Here’s some of the vertical infrastructure going up for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Note how tall it is and there isn’t even a show building yet.

New Fantasyland Expansion Magic Kingdom
Here’s another show showing how tall the show building will be. Much of the view of New Fantasyland we’re used to will be blocked by the mine train ride.

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