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Magic Kingdom Update – New Fantasyland and more

Time marches on and summer is almost here. That means it’s time for another photo update from the Magic Kingdom. Disney continues making real progress toward opening the rest of Storybook Circus and, hopefully, parts of Fairytale Forest (of whatever they’re calling the new section these days).

It’s a long update today, so let’s get right to it, then, shall we. The Bakery facade remains shrouded along with two buildings in Town Square. I’m glad they’re doing the facade refurbishments, but it has been taking a long time.

Rapunzel is now doing meet & greets next to Town Hall. Her old place near Fantasyland is being converted for the Scottish Princess Merida. I think they should have had a cage match with the winner earning the best location.

Construction in the queue area of Haunted Mansion right after the merge point. Likely related to xPass, the Next-Gen replacement for Fastpass.

Work around the exterior of the Haunted Mansion will soon connect Fantasyland with the exit queue area for the attraction. It’s a big project and very visible from inside the park

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They’re still working on re-enforcing the walls before they even start doing work in the ground, let alone, vertical construction for the new restrooms that will one day open here. I wonder if they’ve considered adding a refreshment station (ice cream, sodas, and the like) here. This side of the park is in much need of one.

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Okay. Off to New Fantasyland and Storybook Circus. I’m not saying anyone at Disney World reads this blog, but last week I pointed out how this door had ‘cast members only’ written in sharpie on it. Now there’s a real sign.

Lots to see in this picture snapped from the top of the Barnstormer lift. At the bottom you  can see some of the water features being installed for the Casey Jr water play area coming to Storybook Circus. Lots of pathways being installed in this section of Carolwood Park. It’s going to look luscious. The red tent is getting extra decorations installed. Notice the new vertical beige stripes adding variety to the otherwise very pink and red tent.

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Work has finally restarted on installing the second Dumbo spinner. We’ll zoom in on that work in the background in a bit.

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Lighting is being installed over the Casey Jr water play area.

They haven’t added any new sections to the blue tent yet, but they have worked on adding more to the ‘brim’ that will divide this part of Storybook Circus from the back of the Little Mermaid show building.

Click to embiggen.

They’re still working on the rock work for The Little Mermaid. Sadly you’ll also notice that a few of the trees they planted in the area have died.

Hard to tell how much more work is going on here. But it looks like work here to make it look less phallic is almost done.

Scaffolding is down on Belle’s cottage, but there is still a lot of work to do on the roof here. Mine Train show building will totally block this angle eventually.

This is the extension of the wall that will divide Fantasyland proper from New Fantasyland, known as Fairytale Forest.

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Wall from another angle.

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No big progress on the infrastructure for the Mine Train here.

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But from this angle, you can see a few support pieces have been added. Those brown supports on the other wise of that red wall are also part of the coaster. It covers quite a bit of territory.

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If you were wondering where they took that time-lapse video from. Here is your answer.

Before we head home, the monorail offers us a nice vantage of the construction on the new DVC Tower at the Grand Floridian.

That’s it for this week at the Magic Kingdom. I’ve a short EPCOT update and another look at new merchandise coming shortly.