Disneynature’s Chimpanzee opens this weekend and as such you may be looking for some information and activities that tie-in to the film. You’re in luck.

The good people at Disneynature have released a series of kid-friendly activity sheets, educational packets, and production information for your enjoyment (I know I said it’s for non-chimps, but chimps can do it too. It’s all in the thumbs!). Take a look:

You can find more Chimpanzee facts and activities at the official Chimpanzee media page.

Remember, if you see Chimpanzee over Earth Day weekend a donation will be made to the Jane Goodall Institute.

Also, if you are planning to take children to see Chimpanzee, you may want to read this first: Disneynature’s Chimpanzee for Kids? It contains spoilers!


I was a guest of Disneynature for a screening of Chimpanzee. The opinions expressed are my own. Photos, video, and media links are courtesy of Disneynature.


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