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Magic Kingdom Update – Slow Progress in Fantasyland (Part 1)

I always enjoy a nice stroll around the Magic Kingdom, this weekend was no exception. Despite the Easter holiday, crowds were relatively light. Disney was prepared, however. There were lots of extended queues at he ready and extra manager types hanging around.

There’s plenty to see, even though not much progress has been made overall.

Although it’s not the most direct route, I like approaching Storybook Circus via the path near Space Mountain. They’re working on something behind the roundhouse for the Great Goofini trains.

However, the signage on the construction walls leaves something to be desired.

They’ve added the word ‘Water’ and a little bit more aging to the water tower at the station..

The themeing around Storybook Circus has been justly praised. However, there are some odd congruences arising from Storybook Circus itself being set in a city park – Carolwood Park, which is a tribute to Walt’s backyard train. One of them is the background music. Today this odd rendition of “The City Of New Orleans” was playing near the train station in Carolwood Park. Something about it just doesn’t fit in a world where you can expect toon characters around the next corner.

You can see they’ve started to wrap the second, larger, tent.

and started adding some facade to the red tent.

A look to see how far the rock world from the Little Mermaid extends around the corner.

They’re working on the exterior wall of the Dumbo tent. This used to be completed like the other side. But they’ve exposed some of the wall to do some work.

A new view of the mine train roller coaster infrastructure. Click to enlarge.

Gives you an idea of how high it will be.

An effort to change Prince Eric’s castle continues. A little birdie tells me that the attraction itself has been tested and is ready to run. The only thing holding it up is rockwork and the queue.

And… here is some of that nasty rock work. There certainly is alot of it..

That’s it for this morning. Much more to come later this week.

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