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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain returns from Rehab looking good

Splash Mountain, the Magic Kingdom’s classic log flume ride, has returned from a refurbishment with a fresh coat of paint and fixes for nearly all the special effects and animatronics in the attraction (but not all unfortunately). This TLC was much needed and has brought life back to many of the scenes including the Grand Finale which I’ve included here. Those chickens and pigs haven’t moved like that in years. It’s very nice to see.

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Splash Mountain @ Disneyland Turns 20

Shameless plug time.  My latest column, a highly personal one, is up at  Disneyland celebrates its 54th Anniversary on Friday (more to come on that), and that also happens to be te 20th Anniversary of the original Splash Mountain.  I became obsessed with the… Read More »Splash Mountain @ Disneyland Turns 20