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Splash Mountain returns from Rehab looking good

Splash Mountain, the Magic Kingdom’s classic log flume ride, has returned from a refurbishment with a fresh coat of paint and fixes for nearly all the special effects and animatronics in the attraction (but not all unfortunately). This TLC was much needed and has brought life back to many of the scenes including the Grand Finale which I’ve included here. Those chickens and pigs haven’t moved like that in years. It’s very nice to see.

Splash Mountain was literally falling apart and they had even installed ‘nets’ over the loading zone to stop the ‘faux rock’ from falling on guests. The next are now gone, so we can presume that problem was solved too.

The question know is, will new WDW President George Kalogridis invest in on-going maintenance for the attraction so it doesn’t have to reach a state of serious disrepair before action is taken.

5 thoughts on “Splash Mountain returns from Rehab looking good”

  1. My favorite effect occurs after the ride’s second internal drop, where the water jumps from basin to basin as you go by the frogs. Is that working?

    1. The jumping water is my favorite effect too and I was disappointed that after hearing the ride had been refurbished, when I went to WDW the first Saturday of June the jumping water still was not working. Does anyone know anything about this?

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