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Disney Store Celebrates 25 Years with Discount

The Disney Store is celebrating 25 years of delivering great products to guests with a special offer for its best customers. A special discount is running this weekend. Take 25% Off Your Entire Purchase at Disney Store with Promo Code: HAPPY25. Make sure you check… Read More »Disney Store Celebrates 25 Years with Discount

Merchandise Update – Hats, Tees, and Ears to You

Due to popular demand, I’m back with another photo update featuring some of the latest merchandise to hit the shelves at Walt Disney World. In addition to all the great new items, I’ve also noticed that the emporium style stores are really working on organization and flow. There are fewer big displays blocking views across the store and a lot more signage to help guests find exactly what they’re looking for. Great job there.

Alright then, on with the show!

New Year’s Eve merch is starting to show up.

A terrific pair of Mickey Mouse Ears for New Year’s Eve.

Plenty more below the jump, come along:

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New Disney Kicks from Adidas

I love these new Mickey Mouse and Pluto themed sneakers from Adidas. These ones above are limited edition and might be tough to find except at a specialty store near you, but you can find other Adidas Disney kicks at sites like and Amazon.… Read More »New Disney Kicks from Adidas

Robot Vinylmation Invades the Disney Store

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! Today, Disney Store announced the launch of its exclusive Vinylmation Robots series invading Disney Store locations nationwide and on Friday July 22nd. Disney Store artists who designed this series found their inspiration in the vintage wind-up… Read More »Robot Vinylmation Invades the Disney Store

New Harley Davidson Location open at Downtown Disney Orlando

Yesterday Orlando Harley-Davidson owners Steve and Anne Deli opened their newly expanded and interactive Harley-Davidson store at Downtown Disney West Side; moving from a smaller location in the former Pleasure Island area. The 3,635-sq.-ft. store was designed to create a unique interactive Harley environment featuring… Read More »New Harley Davidson Location open at Downtown Disney Orlando

New T-shirts Spotted at Walt Disney World

As I’ve mentioned before, Disney’s T-shirt designers have been doing a great job rolling out fun t-shirts that capture the sort of nostalgia I feel for the Disney brand of old. So if I can’t have the Disney of my youth back, I can at pretend that I can when I wear these.

Here are a few Disney recently added to Walt Disney World’s growing catalog:

As if there was any argument.

This t-shirt cleverly reads “Mousetaches – the key to any disguise”… get it.

Lot’s more below the jump:

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Mickey Mouse Shaped Soap Dispenser

The new Mickey Mouse shaped soap dispenser from Method is fun looking and sure to be a perfect addition to any Disney fan’s home. We’re users of Method here and will definitely be ordering a couple of these for ourselves. Available online at Couple… Read More »Mickey Mouse Shaped Soap Dispenser

Spotted: New T-shirts and Hats at Magic Kingdom

Spotted some fun new hats and t-shirts while in the park this weekend. There are some great new antenna balls too, but for some reason those didn’t download from my camera.

I particularly liked this new Pirates of the Caribbean cap. Saw it on quite a few heads walking around the park, so I must not be the only one.

This hat is part of a set with the T-shirt below. Both are part of the new ‘street-art’ series. I like this one in that it features Mickey with a remote control and a crazy Pete.

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