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Spotted: New T-shirts and Hats at Magic Kingdom

Spotted some fun new hats and t-shirts while in the park this weekend. There are some great new antenna balls too, but for some reason those didn’t download from my camera.

I particularly liked this new Pirates of the Caribbean cap. Saw it on quite a few heads walking around the park, so I must not be the only one.

This hat is part of a set with the T-shirt below. Both are part of the new ‘street-art’ series. I like this one in that it features Mickey with a remote control and a crazy Pete.

I really like this Space Mountain T-shirt. Which technically isn’t brand new, but is pretty amazing and a nice souvenir.

These next three t-shirts are unique in that they have an element of fun to them, and work in fabric with the design giving the designs some texture and dimension.


Hey, I found one of those pics of antenna balls. It doesn’t include the new punk mohawk Mickey. You’ll have to visit the LP Store to see that.

As usual, I recommend’s Store and Theme Park Shopping Service if you’re interested in purchasing any Disney theme park merchandise. Those antenna balls are definitely on LP.

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