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LEGOLAND Florida Aerial Update – Snapping the Bricks Together Slowly

Yesterday the team at LEGOLAND Florida sent over some new pictures showing the progress on the former Cypress Gardens Adventure Park property as it converts to the brick and toy themed park. They’ve done a lot of work preparing the site, but now it’s a rush to get vertical construction and themeing done in time for an October 2011 opening.

LEGOLAND Florida is planned as a 150-acre, full-day family theme park designed specifically for families with children ages 2 to 12.  It will be the largest LEGOLAND Park in the world, featuring more than 50 family rides, shows and interactive attractions, restaurants, shopping and beautiful historic botanical gardens. Currently LEGOLAND Florida annual passes during the park’s inaugural year are available for $99, but pricing for the 15-month ticket will increase May 1.

More aerial shots and a park map below the cut:

In the picture on top you can see how they’ve rerouted the road allowing for a larger parking lot and more organized main entrance. You can also see the two existing roller coasters that will be rethemed for the new park. They’re also keeping a lot of the buildings that were the ‘town’ section of Cypress Gardens including the theater, which appears to have some fire damage on it.

I’m very happy to see they’ve kept the original mansion. The grounds for that location look to be in good shape, including the butterfly garden. But the world famous topiary garden (not a part of the historic Cypress Gardens, btw) is in shambles (see below). That area will become a mini-land, but I had heard they were going to keep the topiary feel as well.

Topiary Gardens at Legoland Florida Construction

If those aerial shots are hard to decipher where rides and shows will eventually be, Legoland Florida also sent over this Park Map to help.

Looks like they’re planning on keeping the water-ski show, which is great. But I’m not sure how useful this map will be to actually navigate the park. They’ve also keeping the iconic Sunshine Sky Ride, although I’m sure it will get a new name. This is the perfect way to get an overview of the park for any new visitors before you start your day and a great way to share the history of the site as well.

Looks good. Can’t wait for it to open and go see for myself.

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