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New T-shirts Spotted at Walt Disney World

As I’ve mentioned before, Disney’s T-shirt designers have been doing a great job rolling out fun t-shirts that capture the sort of nostalgia I feel for the Disney brand of old. So if I can’t have the Disney of my youth back, I can at pretend that I can when I wear these.

Here are a few Disney recently added to Walt Disney World’s growing catalog:

As if there was any argument.

This t-shirt cleverly reads “Mousetaches – the key to any disguise”… get it.

Lot’s more below the jump:

There are a couple of new Tees aimed squarely at the park’s visiting Brits.

Two shirts for the NASCAR set… (click for larger)

My wife wanted me to point out that there are a new line of fun women’s tees too.

This Haunted Mansion shirt is almost too much. But I love it anyway.

Finally, the line of retro inspired EPCOT Center t-shirts has a new entrant. I think this one captures the spirit of the 80s nicely.

Thanks for reading… more as I find them.