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More Shanghai Disneyland Details

We’re learning a few more details about Shanghai Disneyland today. We’ve learned the Operating Conditions, which is basically how will it be built and who will control its operations, and some additional attraction details. Some of this is a bit fuzzy as there appears there… Read More »More Shanghai Disneyland Details

Disneyland Shanghai Castle Concept Art

The Shanghai Daily posted two concept art drawings from Disney depicting the castle that is destined to be the center piece of the new theme park Disney is building outside Shanghai. We now see the interior and the outside of the ‘Storybook Castle’ that is… Read More »Disneyland Shanghai Castle Concept Art

Major Construction at Shanghai Disneyland could start in May

News reports from Shanghai indicate that major construction on the complex that will eventually house a Magic Kingdom style park could begin in May. Right now the government is hurriedly adding infrastructure to get trucks, and eventually tourists, to and from the site. The park… Read More »Major Construction at Shanghai Disneyland could start in May

Shanghai Disneyland Deal Signed

Although property preparation has been underway for a few months now, no official deal had been signed with the governments of China and Shanghai. That changed after the Shanghai Expo finished. A deal has now been signed for a new 8 square mile resort area… Read More »Shanghai Disneyland Deal Signed

The Morning Report – Jumping Jack Flash edition

Hey howdy everyone. Time for a quick roundup and a chance to close down some of the tabs I’ve had open lately: Construction will begin at the Shanghai Disneyland site next month after the close of the Shanghai EXPO. I guess that means they got… Read More »The Morning Report – Jumping Jack Flash edition

Chinese Village will make way for Shanghai Disney Themepark

The Wall Street Journal checks in on the village of Zhaohang outside of Shanghai, China. This is the location that the Walt Disney Company and Chinese officials have selected for a new theme park from the Mouse. Many of the village’s 4000 residents are getting… Read More »Chinese Village will make way for Shanghai Disney Themepark

Disney gets approval for Shanghai? is reporting that Disney has cleared all the regulatory and government approvals to go ahead with its theme park to be located outside of Shanghai. sources said a press conference would be held soon in Geneva to announce the approval. Earlier media reports said… Read More »Disney gets approval for Shanghai?