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Disney brand takes over Chinese Ice Festival

I had seen pictures of the Disney themed Harbin Ice Lantern Festival in China. But I didn’t realize that it was part of a legitimate licensing effort of the Walt Disney Company. What is perhaps the world’s most famous ice festival has become another of… Read More »Disney brand takes over Chinese Ice Festival

Iger’s China Strategy Continues

With Disney entering into a deal with the Hong Kong government to expand Hong Kong Disneyland and the reveal of the Shanghai Disney Theme park plan, one of the worst kept secrets of the last five years, The Walt Disney Company continues to gain traction… Read More »Iger’s China Strategy Continues

Breaking: Shanghai Disneyland to be built

Update: Disney officials continue to deny an agreement has been reached. But with all this positive press, you have to wonder if something is up. Wow. After Shanghai’s government approved the project last month, Disney officials were still denying that they were even involved in… Read More »Breaking: Shanghai Disneyland to be built

Shanghai Disney Rumor Persists

A Disney theme park coming to Shanghai has been rumored for a few years now. This latest bit of news makes it sound more like Shanghai is trying to attract Disney, not vica-versa. I don’t see Disney funding this on their own right now, but… Read More »Shanghai Disney Rumor Persists