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More Shanghai Disneyland Details

We’re learning a few more details about Shanghai Disneyland today. We’ve learned the Operating Conditions, which is basically how will it be built and who will control its operations, and some additional attraction details. Some of this is a bit fuzzy as there appears there might be some translation issues.

We’ve known that the Shanghai Disneyland castle won’t have a ‘Princess’ name, but rather will be owned by the collection of Disney’s storybook characters. But today during a call to international investors Tom Staggs, Disney Parks President, called it the ‘Fantastic Fairytale Castle.’ No idea if that’s it’s official name of if it will be the ‘Storybook Castle’ as was reported earlier. It may translate better into the local Chinese language, I don’t know.

Interactivity will be a key part of this largest castle in the Disney theme park family. It will serve as the hub for all activity in the park. Construction, including basic land clearing, has been underway since April.

As for construction, The Walt Disney Company will partner with the Shendi Group to fund the construction. Basically Shendi is providing the land and Disney the intellectual capital. After tht a management company controlled by Walt Disney Co and two property owners held by the Shendi Group will be established, according to Staggs.

“Disney and Shendi Group established two joint companies: One runs the resort, in which Disney holds most of the shares.” said Staggs. “The other, as the operator of the resort project, owns and invests in the resort and the theme park, in which Shendi Group holds most of the shares.”

I’m sure we’ll learn more as the park gets closer to opening.

Some information for this article sourced via The People’s Daily.

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