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Disneyland Shanghai Castle Concept Art

The Shanghai Daily posted two concept art drawings from Disney depicting the castle that is destined to be the center piece of the new theme park Disney is building outside Shanghai.

We now see the interior and the outside of the ‘Storybook Castle’ that is planned for the Shanghai Disney Resort. This castle will be the centerpiece for the park, much like the Tree of Life is for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and will the tallest of all Disney’s castles. Presumably they can get China’s Government to waive any pesky requirements for a red-light above 200 feet.

On the left is an interior winding staircase that will lead guests to a “Once Upon A Time Adventure” featuring Disney’s princesses. A boat trip around the castle moat will provide a scenic view of the castle and other areas of the theme park.

I see a lot more French Chateau than typical Disney medieval fantasy castle. What do you think?

Update: More Shanghai Disneyland details revealed.