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The Morning Report – Jumping Jack Flash edition

Hey howdy everyone. Time for a quick roundup and a chance to close down some of the tabs I’ve had open lately:

Construction will begin at the Shanghai Disneyland site next month after the close of the Shanghai EXPO. I guess that means they got all the villagers resettled. Perhaps they’re moving them to the Expo grounds.

Director changes on animated films is never easy, but Pixar has a good track record of knowing when it’s needed. Still the news that Brenda Chapman has been replaced as the director of Brave is hard to hear. Not just because Brenda was to be Pixar’s first female director, but because she’s an amazing talent and person that Disney will be poorer for losing.

Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland may be competing for Best Picture honors at the Academy Awards this year. If there was an Oscar for largest grossing film, both would be good candidates. But I think the large sacks of money on Bob Iger’s floor should be award enough, chances are the Academy members will too.

The Walt Disney Company has made a move for more Marvel by restructuring the distribution deal with Paramount Studios. The deal for the Avengers, Thor, and Captain America should pay for itself at the box office, but the value of getting those brands completely under the Disney/Marvel label is the important thing here.

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