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Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT

A new attraction has just opened at Epcot. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the continuing Finding Nemo overlay of the Living Seas Pavillion. The new attraction is an interactive show with Crush, the dad turtle from Finding Nemo, where guests are encouraged to ask questions and Crush imparts some of his philosophy of under water life.

For instance, on our visit we learned some of the many uses of the word ‘Dude’ and helped the Crush-Dude identify a human piece of apparel he found littering the beach. We also learned some of the aspects of turtle live such as how many children they can have and to leave any nests of eggs we find alone.

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Will there be a strike?

Planning a vacation to Disney World soon and want to know if there will be a strike when you get there? You might want to call Disney and let them know you expect them to settle with the unions and preserve your vacacation.

At lot of the talk around the union is that why would someone working at the park making $7.00 an hour want to strike. Do they expect to earn a living working at Dumbo or the fast food counter. The reality is no. They do not. Most are part time employees, people who are supplimenting their income, or dedicated Disney fans of some sort. These employees probably didn’t even vote in the election, and if they did they were probably among the ‘yes’ votes as their income would be severly impacted by a strike.

My sense is the people who voted no on this contract are the people who have the highest skilled jobs (some require special training or licenses). These positions include Bus Drivers, Characters, Housekeeping. Their pay scales have been structured in such a manner that if you work 4-5 years in a position you’re now earning what could be a decent wage ($13-$15/hr). If you throw in a little overtime and have two wage earners in the household you could even do quite nicely in parts of Orlando/Kissimmee.

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Incredible Comic Book Ethics?

I wondered: could it be that Pixar had found the Holy Grail that Marvel and DC and the comics industry have (half-heartedly and ineffectively) been seeking for years: creating superheroes that would bring in a new audience of little kids? Filmforce columnist Peter Sanderson looks at Pixar’s The Incredibles from the point of view of… Read More »Incredible Comic Book Ethics?

Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

There is a letter from the editor pleading with Jay Rasulo and Matt Ouimet to give Disneyland’s Tomorrowland the love and care it deserves. Specifically the editor would like to see the return of the submarine attraction in some form. The subs are permanently gone from the Orlando resort now (the whole lagoon has… Read More »Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Strike Authorized

So much for my prediction capabilities. Local news is reporting that not only have Disney Workers rejected the contract offer, but they’ve authorized a strike if the union leaders call for it. Union leaders have called in a federal mediator, so a strike is unlikely in the immediate future. The holidays are fast approaching with… Read More »Strike Authorized

Disney Workers OK new Contract!

No. It’s not exit polls from Disneyworld workers who are voiting today, it’s the results from a similar contract vote at the original Disney themepark, Disneyland. According to this article in the OC Register, workers pointed their anger for higher healthcare costs at the healthcare industry and accepted higher health insurance rates in return for… Read More »Disney Workers OK new Contract!

An Incredible Message?

The story’s inciting incident is a flurry of short-sighted, foolish lawsuits against the much-needed superheroes for unintended property damage and unwanted saves, among others. John Edwards may well laugh along with the rest of the audience during this part of the movie, but perhaps he and his former colleagues on the bar should think about… Read More »An Incredible Message?

The Slate Chimes In

This review in Slate magazine mentions something I meant to put in my review. Bird begins with his superheroes being interviewed by an unseen documentarian with a handheld-camera, and they go in and out of focus as they get excited and the cameraman tries to keep them in the frame. Clever! This is another trend… Read More »The Slate Chimes In