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Strike Authorized

So much for my prediction capabilities. Local news is reporting that not only have Disney Workers rejected the contract offer, but they’ve authorized a strike if the union leaders call for it. Union leaders have called in a federal mediator, so a strike is unlikely in the immediate future.

The holidays are fast approaching with larger than average crowds expected as part of the hurricane rescheduling effect. Disney has even recently extended park hours for the days surrounding Thanksgiving. After that Christmas season really kicks in with special events, the christmas parade filming, and more. Ad to that the bad publicity that will come from this (ie, refusing to give workers who sacrificed a lot for the company during the recent hurricane season the concessions they deserve). Not that this means Disney is going to buckle under, but there is some pressure there.

I’m already hearing from other employees who are worried about having to cross picket lines or risk being fired. Not to mention that the Teamsters are part of this strike, so there is a chance truck deliveries will slow to a trickle if the drivers refuse to cross the picket lines. This could be a big mess.