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Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT

A new attraction has just opened at Epcot. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the continuing Finding Nemo overlay of the Living Seas Pavillion. The new attraction is an interactive show with Crush, the dad turtle from Finding Nemo, where guests are encouraged to ask questions and Crush imparts some of his philosophy of under water life.

For instance, on our visit we learned some of the many uses of the word ‘Dude’ and helped the Crush-Dude identify a human piece of apparel he found littering the beach. We also learned some of the aspects of turtle live such as how many children they can have and to leave any nests of eggs we find alone.

Once in the theatre, children are encouraged to sit up front on the floor with ‘Parental Units’ on carpeted benches behind them. Our showing lasted about 8-10 minutes. Although this could probably be trimmed if the pavillion gets busy or the queue long. I only hope the theatre proves large enough to handle the crowds that it deserves. The interactive elements mean this show has plenty of repeatability for guests too.

Also opened at the Living Seas, was a new room focused on the trio of sharks from Finding Nemo. The exhibits in the room are very interactive and were a lot of fun exploring. There are also a few great photo opportunities with the sharks including one where the guest can be inside the teethy smile of Bruce.

This leaves just a few rooms of the Living Seas Pavillion untouched by the Finding Nemo overlay. It also leaves the old omnimover ride under the aquarium unused. I did speak with someone who said that a new theming of the ride was in the works. But I won’t believe it until I see the construction with my own eyes. Finally, there were some great attraction specific t-shirts available in the pavillion.

I look forward to seeing what else can be done with the Finding Nemo overlay at Epcot’s The Living Seas pavillion. What has been done so far ties the educational aspect of the Living Seas exhibits to the stars from Finding Nemo in an entertaining manner that will hold the attention of guests of all ages for years to come. I say give us more.

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