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Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland (new website!) is nearing completion. Training for employees is well underway (500 have already worked at Walt Disney World and will pass that experience along), most of the tiny details that make Disney theme parks so special have been installed, and I must say the park looks great.’s "Tales from the… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Joss Whedon Spills the beans on Toy Story

Joss Whedon (imdb), creator of the very successful Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series, got his start as part of the Walt Disney Feature Animation stable. He wanted to write the next big animated musical for the mouse, but instead, he was asked to script doctor Toy Story, the first film in the… Read More »Joss Whedon Spills the beans on Toy Story

Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja (IMDB, Wikipedia) represents the cream of the crop as far as animators are concerned. He is Disney’s nine old men (wikipedia) all rolled into one for our generation. He joined Walt Disney Feature Animation at the right time to allow him to become one of our greatest links to the wisdom of the… Read More »Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

Part of what makes such an amazing internet community is the talent of its membership. Combine that with a bunch of disney oriented fun loving folk and you have a formula for some unique meets. Take the recent opportunity readers of the website had to go inside Disneyland’s famous and exclusive dining establishment –… Read More »Club 33 Scrapbook for Tinker Bell

It Was Walt’s World

The lasting legacy of Walt Disney is his timeless insight into the imagination of children coupled with a gift for awakening the child in the rest of us. His idealized vision of childhood and Americana still resonates with kids of all ages worldwide. This week marked the 50th anniversary of Disneyland, a marvelous invention –… Read More »It Was Walt’s World

Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford

Dave Stafford, another of the incredibly talented animators that the Disney Company let slip away, is interviewed in the VFXBlog (after you’re done with this interview, read the rest of the blog it’s great!). In addition to dishing the dirt on his most recent project, David Duchovny’s ‘House of D’, he waxes about his work… Read More »Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford

Finger Scanning: Inside Stuff

I’ve received a helpful letter from someone with more details on how Disney’s finger scanning technology works. It appears I was mis-informed about all the data being stored on the magnetic strip portion of the card, just the identifying info for the card is stored there. But putting more information than that on them is… Read More »Finger Scanning: Inside Stuff

Disneyland’s well-wishers

Well it appears the day went off fairly well, all things considered. The park was packed at times, but the gates never closed. Here’s a look around the net at some of the coverage. kept sending photos of the event in real time via it’s ‘LIVE‘ cameraphone feature. The official 50th Anniversary Podcasts. The… Read More »Disneyland’s well-wishers