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Disneyland’s well-wishers

Well it appears the day went off fairly well, all things considered. The park was packed at times, but the gates never closed. Here’s a look around the net at some of the coverage. kept sending photos of the event in real time via it’s ‘LIVE‘ cameraphone feature.

The official 50th Anniversary Podcasts.

The OC Metblog has a happy birthday post and a post detailing what gifts cast members received.

DisneyMike has a photo of the cupcake guests were served and a small write up of the event.

Chris posted some photos from the day.

Jeff and Cory reported on the days events over at JimHillMedia.

I celebrated with a quick trip to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Sadly it was a pale reflection of the original in California. The only evidence of the occaision was a few t-shirts worn by guests and a newly guilded castle. No parkwide announcement or happy birthday song, nada (although I might have missed something in the morning).

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