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Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

I’m not going to track the happenings at Disneyland minute by minute today. If you’re interested in that I recommend visiting But I thought it was interesting that reports have already surfaced about there being 20,000 people in line to get into Disneyland by 3AM Pacific Time. They’ve queued them up inside DCA and will shuffle them into Disneyland for an early 7AM opening.

Looks like the possibility of Disneyland reaching capacity today is very real. That means once you’re in the park you have to stay in, guests leaving the park will not be allowed re-admittance if the park is still at capacity. If you were smart enough to book a room at a Disneyland Resort Hotel, then you will be allowed to re-enter even if the gates are closed. Btw, capacity for Disneyland is a fluid number. It depends on how many attractions are up and running that day, what the weather is like, and the availability of open space. Right now the number can range anywhere from 60,000 to 82,000.

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2 thoughts on “Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time”

  1. It says in my reference guide that we will be letting in people who have handstamps and ticket. so we are doing re-entries. not too stoked about coming in to work. I think we’re looking to hit 80,000+.

  2. They let us come and go all day. I was told they were going to stop new guest from entering, but I don’t know if they did. They were still handing out free Mickey ears way after 6pm which makes me think they were still welcoming new guests.

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