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Six big changes potentially coming to EPCOT

Although we Disney fans love to complain about the stagnant state of the Florida parks, Disney is always tweaking and changing the park’s dining, attraction and entertainment mixes. They also make larger changes, but less frequently, of course. Here are some announced upcoming changes coming… Read More »Six big changes potentially coming to EPCOT

Is Disney’s America being Resurrected? (Hint: No)

There’s a new rumor of Disney resurrecting its Disney’s America theme park idea in Virginia. A college with some prime Virginia real estate is closing despite significant fundraising efforts of locals and alumni to save it. Conspiracy theorists see a gloved hand at work behind… Read More »Is Disney’s America being Resurrected? (Hint: No)

Marvel Avengers Rumors: Captain Marvel vs. Ultron?


*Warning: will talk about new Marvel characters and their potential role in the MCU. All of you spoiler purists have been warned!

There are some interesting rumors floating around that Captain Marvel may be getting a guest appearance in the upcoming film Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. These are intriguing rumors because Captain Marvel, aka Ms. Marvel otherwise known as Carol Danvers will be starring in her own Marvel film in 2018. Now there haven’t been any announcements about casting, screenwriter, or confirmed director. There was one rumor that Angelina Jolie may direct but I find that very unlikely.

Now it would seem a pipe-dream that Marvel fans would get to see Captain Marvel this early in the MCU game, but there is an intriguing piece of evidence that has a Marvel fan like myself reeling. If you were to walk into a Disney Store or head to then you would find this toy.


Now let me explain what we you are seeing here. This is a Marvel Figurine pack with 6 figurines inside. Now we can see some familiar faces such as, Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man. We can also see some new faces such as, Ultron, Vision, and finally Captain Marvel. Now I am sure you’re thinking “so what?”, but that’s where you are wrong. Disney is known for interconnectivity, especially with the Marvel franchise. Disney could have used any character as a toy, Quicksilver or Falcon. Let’s not forget Disney could have used a different female figure such as, Scarlet Witch or Black Widow, who by the way is now appearing in her 4th Marvel film.

Why wouldn’t a veteran in the Marvel game be chosen over a newbie who isn’t even in the posters or trailers? Seems awfully suspicious to have Captain Marvel in a toy set linked with the new movie Age of Ultron. Now I hate to spin rumors, but it seems likely that we are going to get a little preview of Captain Marvel. Now where or how is still a mystery. Remember in Captain America: Winter Soldier we heard Doctor Strange’s name, Stephen Vincent Strange very, very briefly. But since there is already a toy I have assume we will get a visual glimpse.

Also let us look at’s description of the toy; “Amp-up the playtime action with this set of six fully-sculpted figurines featuring a new assortment of Marvel Super Heroes teamed against Ultron under the the Avengers umbrella.” Wait, what?!?! It is looking pretty definite that Captain Marvel will be getting an appearance in Age of Ultron.
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Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Its Unknown Future (part I)


I’m like most Disney theme park fans, I hear rumors all the time, some of them are more legit than others, but it can be hard to tell which actually have some nuggets of truth. To help with this, I have a rule – I don’t believe anything until Disney actually breaks ground on the project. But that doesn’t mean I can’t speculate about the latest rumors. So, keeping my rule in mind, here’s my latest understanding of changes coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Sorcerer’s Hat is getting moved. If it’s possible to save the hat (which isn’t a given considering how much steel and concrete when into placing it at DHS) there are a couple of options as to where it will end up. It could go where it should have been placed originally – the Christmas Tree planter in the lakeside plaza out on front of the park. There it will provide a great moment as guests arrive from the bus, parking lot, or friendship boat dock. It can continue to house a store just like the little shop outside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom does. Plus, you’ll be able to view the hat from 360 degrees, which you really can’t in the park. Another likely location would be Disney Springs where it would fit in nicely in the modern west side area.

Moving the hat is rumored to be the first step in what will be a major makeover for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This will likely happen over a period of many years, but the park is expected to get (we’ll try and figure out the order of these later): Star Wars land, Toy Story play land, Cars Land (junior edition), a new parking lot entrance and extra parking spots, a performance corridor for parades, and a placemaking overlay on the order of Disney’s California Adventure (possibly with an entirely new entrance plaza).
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American Idol Experience to close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Over the weekend news broke that the caste of the American Idol Experience had been informed their show would be canceled early next year. Lower ratings on the TV show have resulted in low guest interest in the park attraction. However, managers are considering promotions like bringing back the popular American Idol Experience Junior Edition where kids 9-14 get their chance to perform before the January bow.

Walt Disney World and American Idol producers released this statement:

“After more than five successful years, The American Idol Experience will be coming to a close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in January 2015. Our partnership with FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment has been a great addition to the park and we are very appreciative of the amazing cast and guests who have devoted their time and talent to make this experience special and memorable. We are incredibly proud of the more than 2,000 Dream Tickets that have given guests a chance to live their very own Cinderella story and audition for ‘American Idol’. This past season alone, three of the Top 13 contestants were originally discovered through The American Idol Experience and we expect the attraction to continue providing top contestants for ‘American Idol’ XIV in the coming year.”

The cast and crew of American Idol Experience worked hard to produce what I considered a great show. But its time was always going to be limited.

Follow me below the jump for a few more juicy rumors:

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