…contains spoilers.

Another Wednesday, another life for Emily to destroy… who will it be this time?

Enter Senator Kingsley. Now a major player amongst the conservatives, Kingsley was the winning prosecutor in the case against Emily’s father, David. The senator and his family are friends of the Grayson’s (of course) and, much to Victoria’s chagrin, are invited to stay at their home as the senator preps for the launch of his reelection campaign.

We soon learn a few juicy tidbits. Back in the day, before the judge made a ruling, Victoria confronted Kingsley about David’s innocence – an admission that was caught by her husband. (His name is Conrad by the way.) “Don’t listen to her! She’s in love with him,” Conrad interrupts, and immediately threatens the end of Kingsley’s political future and his support if Kingsley listens to Victoria. Of course, we all know how that ends.

Editor: Please welcome back guest author Estelle with a review of ABC’s Revenge.

Beware of the spoiler. (Unless you are like me and can’t help yourself.)

Like Billy Joel says, it’s a matter of trust.

And Emily doesn’t have a lot of it. Who can blame her? The second episode of Revenge introduces us to the next “victim” in her take downs: Bill Harmon, a hedge fund trader, who seems to have been one of her dad’s best friends before he testified against him in court. (Anyone recognize Matthew Glave from his Miami-Vice portrayal of Glenn in The Wedding Singer?) Bill was even around when her dad gave her the adorable golden retriever (with a stellar memory) when she was a little girl. Emily, of course, does what any girl on a mission does… she convinces Bill to invest all of his money into AllCom, a cellular company that her old buddy Nolan is rumored to be joining forces with.

This is why I don’t invest in stocks because I didn’t see this coming. Nolan decides to invest in another company and Bill is basically screwed. All the money, gone. Not as glamorous as revealing the affair last week but hey, Emily won… again.

Editor: Please welcome guest author Estelle who will tracking the twisting storylines wrapped up in ABC’s new drama Revenge.

Revenge is sweet and… perplexing?

Whoever said everything is better in the Hamptons was obviously not at Emily Thorne’s engagement party. Fireworks explode, masking the sound of gun shots. David, the groom, is missing and as Emily’s future mother-in-law enchants the crowd with a warm (sarcasm, learn it) congratulatory speech, you know exactly what has happened… kind of. That’s the general feeling I had while watching Revenge last night. You sort of know, and then you have no idea all over again.

The newest ABC drama definitely knows how to keep the mystery alive.

After the opening scene, viewers are transported to five months before when a fresh-faced and flawless Emily (Emily VanCamp of Everwood) decides to rent a house in Southampton, New York – land of the wealthy and fabulous with a beachy backdrop. It’s not just any house, but the home she once shared with her father when she was a little girl, then known as Amanda. Cue some more flashbacks. We soon realize that Emily is not there to ride a wave of nostalgia but to make her own waves within the affluent crowd that unjustly brought her father down 17 years ago.

Get it? Revenge.