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ABC 2011 Fall Lineup Released

ABC has just released their new Fall schedule. Several shows including Cougar Town, The River, Good Christian Belles, Work It, Missing, The Bachelor, Scandal, Secret Millionaire, and more will be mid-season shows. But so far this looks like a pretty strong lineup. (Note: Links lead to Facebook pages (Join TheDisneyBlog’s) for each show and new shows are in Bold.)


8:00 p.m. Dancing With The Stars

10:00 p.m. Castle

TUESDAY: 8:00 p.m. Last Man Standing

8:30 p.m. Man Up

9:00 p.m. Dancing With The Stars Results

10:00 p.m. Body of Proof


8:00 p.m. The Middle

8:30 p.m. Suburgatory

9:00 p.m. Modern Family

9:30 p.m. Happy Endings

10:00 p.m. Revenge

THURSDAY: 8:00 p.m. Charlie’s Angels

9:00 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy

10:00 p.m. Private Practice

FRIDAY: 8:00 p.m. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

9:00 p.m. Shark Tank

10:00 p.m. “20/20”

SATURDAY: 8:00 p.m. “Saturday Night College Football”

SUNDAY: 7:00 p.m. America’s Funniest Videos

8:00 p.m. Once Upon A Time

9:00 p.m. Desperate Housewives

10:00 p.m. Pan Am

I am looking for writers to recap and cover every ABC show. If you’re interested in one or more shows, please drop me a note via email. Even if you’re not interested in writing recaps, are there any shows on this lineup that really have you excited?

25 thoughts on “ABC 2011 Fall Lineup Released”

  1. This is an awful line up without Brother’s and Sister’s or Jamie Oliver and the dumbest shows you have coming out. You already ruined the daytime line up so ABC/Disney channels are no longer going to be on in my house or the house of millions of people furious at your corporate greed choices of CHEEP TV to pocket more sponsor dollars.. Making thousands of unemployed.. Brian Frons, Anne Sweeney and Robert Iger will all really regret these decisions. As your network TANKS..

  2. Who is in charge there? WOW every since you guys bought ABC you tore it up. All you have good in Grey’s and Private Practice and nothing else would I watch on ABC and you took away my wife’s and moms favorite daytime shows and my nana living in a senior living home was in tears with her other girlfriends because there only thing to look forward to was their soaps and now they feel they have nothing. Great job Disney. I know it is just what Walt wouldn’t want and he is turning over in his grave whie you fill your pockets with as much money as possible at the expense of employees and viewers and EX Disney fans. I was a stock holder for Disney but nobody gets back to you all communication is ignored so will be getting rid of that as well. NBC and CBS will be my only station and I may just be one of the 21,000 that counts..

  3. @Jud – nope, both series have been cancelled. I wish someone would give V another season – based on the finale, there would have been more fighting in the next season.

    So far it looks like Castle, Body of Proof and maybe Charlie’s Angels are all I’ll be watching from ABC.

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  5. The new lineup doesn’t impress me, since ABC/Disney are cancelling two daytime soaps, I won’t be watching anything day or night on ABC after Jan. 2012. Boycotting ABC/DISNEY programming and sponsors! It’s not ratings that get shows cancelled, it’s all about money, money, money! Really sad!

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  8. I’ve been boycotting ABC/Disney except the 3 soaps since 4/14/2011. That’s the day Brian Frons stabbed 2.5M viewers in the back by cancelling AMC and OLTL. He’s supposedly cancelling General Hospital in favor of Katie Couric as well. ABC/Disney won’t even acknowledge all the emails, snail mails and calls by the viewers. For a so-called “family” company your actions are despicable. SAVE OUR SOAPS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Where is Brothers & Sisters???? How can the best show on TV be cancelled??? I will never turn on ABC again without Brothers & Sisters!!!!

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  12. Why in the world are you taking the best show on TV (Brothers and Sisters) off the air? ABC is making a huge mistake with pan am replacing it. I have grown to love this show. Please reconsider.

  13. Despite one or two interesting shows on your proposed line up, I have decided not to watch any ABC night time programming because the daytime programmers have cancelled One Life to Live and All My Children. I feel this was a very poor decision and the proposed replacements sound like the inexpensive talk/reality shows which are readily available elsewhere. Daytime viewers, like prime time viewers, prefer networks which offer scripted drama. I do regret not being able to watch Desperate Housewives or Body of Proof but my decision is firm. Once the daytime dramas are gone, no more ABC in my household.

  14. I’d like to take a moment and request that Disney re-think the cancellation of One Life To Live. As a man, I know that it’s strange I would like a “soap opera”, but, there it is.
    I have been watching OLTL since 1975, when as a child, I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever, and was forced to stay home in bed for over a year. I got interested in OLTL due to their GREAT storytelling. Fast forward 36 years and I’m STILL here as a loyal fan.

    If Disney/ABC does cancel OLTL, I for one, will sell my Disney stock and NEVER
    patronize, watch or have aything to do with ANY Disney enterprises again.

    AND, as if to throw salt in our wounds, you cancel Brothers and Sisters as well….SO…there goes any hope of me watching ABC or ANY Disney ventures again…these are the properties I WILL AVOID at all costs…

  15. ABC is a joke. They destroyed their daytime lineup now their starting on their primetime. Disney should not be allowed to be in charge of a network supposedly for adults. No more ABC, or Disney for me.

  16. What happened to the 1st amendment? We, as Americans, have the right to express our anger at ABC/Disney for the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. I didn’t know Disney would censor negative comments. They are playing with the ABC Daytime message board by not posting current messages. Walt would be very disappointed at TPTB in charge. Shame on Disney/ABC for stompping on the constitution. Shame on Disney/ABC for not listening to the millions of viewers.

  17. Carol Shepardson

    I feel as if I have been slapped in the face by ABC/Disney. I have been a loyal viewer of AMC for 40 years and would not trade the time my daughters and I have spent together watching. I don’t believe for a minute there was any research done to find out what viewers “really” want. We really want our soaps. Too bad Disney finds the almighty dollar more important than their viewing audience. I have supported your network and your sponsors for many many years, but once the last episode of AMC airs…adios ABC. I will also boycott any sponsors who support the ridiculous replacement shows for AMC and OLTL. Also, save the 20 million and dump Katie Couric!

  18. Until I heard about the cancellation of One Life to Live to happen in January, I had never posted on a blog. I am so disappointed in hearing of the cancellation of One Life to Live. I have been watching OLTL since ’93 or so. Now, even my 11 year old son is hooked and won’t let me watch without him. Todd’s character is what got me hooked. Now Roger is back (the original actor to protray the Todd character) and I am so excited. To hear this is going to end, I just cannot put into words the irritation and disappointment this brings me. OLTL is the ONLY daytime show I watch/DVR. Besides OLTL, ALL DAYTIME TV STINKS! If I am home during the day, for TV watching all I do is flip between re-runs to watch on Hallmark, Lifetime, TNT, TBS, etc, except for OLTL. I see I won’t be watching on Sunday nights anymore since Brothers & Sisters is gone. I usually watch the Bachelor, but couldn’t stand Ashley last season, so I’m not interested in making sure I watch the Bachlorette with her – ugh. In my opinion, ABC to just going downhill. Seems like a lot of poor decisions are being made. ABC may save money on the boring, uninteresting shows it is replacing OLTL and AMC with, but I think in the long-run these replacements will prove to be money-losers and HUGE MISTAKES!

  19. what are you people doing????? First I couldn’t believe that OLTL and AMC were cancelled, I have watched both shows for over 25 years and there are many who have watched since the day they came on the air. Now I am completely appalled that Brothers & Sisters has been cancelled as well. I have an idea the way things are going why doesn’t every network cancel all their scripted shows and put Snooki on every channel 24hrs a day. When realize the mistakes you have made, I don’t think it is going to be very easy bringing viewers back to your network. Nobody wants to become involved with any new show because these days they are all cancelled 20 mins after the first episode to air.

  20. I have joined the tens of thousands heart-broken fans of All My Children and One Life To Live who want our stories to live on. Although ABC Daytime and Disney have made it quite clear that these two beloved programs do not have a future with ABC, we believe another network might be interested in buying the rights from ABC/Disney.

    I respectfully request that ABC/Disney consider selling the rights to these two programs for a fair amount in order for the legacies to live on.

    By doing this, ABC and Disney will retain a fiercely loyal fan base and will be rewarded with faithful viewership for many, many years to come.

    Thank you in advance.

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