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Dancing with the Stars: Meet Your Finalists

Tonight’s results show was preceded by a one hour “special” devoted to everyone’s favorite ballroom dance, the Freestyle. You know, the one that doesn’t have any ballroom in it. Past favorites and champions came back to talk strategy and relive the good ol’ days. But mostly it was an excuse for Ballroom Ghost Drew Lachey to return and wheeze around and do a dance from 10 seasons ago.

But enough of Drew and his ghostly ways ….we have finalists to pick! Chelsea and Mark’s rumba was this week’s encore, although I didn’t think was the strongest routine last night.

Results! The first couple in the finals is … Hines and Kym! Yay!

Stevie Nicks was the musical guest, and following that, Pit Bull and Ne-yo arrived to do some hip hop thing. We’ve got a lot of show to fill, apparently. There was also a montage about “difficult times during the competition” and an inspirational performance from a tween girl who loves to dance and doesn’t let a life-threatening disease stand in her way.

More results! Chelsea and Mark are going to the finals! Double yay! And then the final finalist was revealed to be …Kirstie and Maks. And there you have it!

Alas, this means we had to say goodbye to Ralph, who was a real class act this season. He will be missed. But I think we’re in for one heck of a finale next week – see you then!

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