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Disneyland adds POTC4 Sneak Peak Show, WDW gets Zip

Sometimes you just have to tell things like it is. Disneyland is getting a great Pirates overlay on its Festival Arena and a nightly preview of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Add to that some walk around character interaction from Captain Jack Sparrow and you have a terrific opportunity for guest satisfaction and movie studio synergy. Walt Disney World is getting…. zip, zilch, nada. No Pirates 4 preview at all.

I realize Orlando is not exactly the hotbed of movie studio excitement, but there are 40+ million guests moving through Walt Disney World each year, many of whom would be more than happy to return home with tales of a special preview for Pirates of the Caribbean they got to see while on vacation. I’m probably just jealous, but I do think WDW is missing a great opportunity.

Check out below the jump for a behind the scenes look at the transformation of Disneyland’s Festival Arena into the Pirates preview:

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Tortuga Tavern, conflicting evidence ruins show

Update: It’s not that often, I’m made to eat my words so quickly… but check out this twitpic from @GDPInvestigator – Looks like a new sign was installed in the last few days. Have to say that’s a vast improvement over what I complained about below. Anyone know if they’ve fixed the menu item issue? Cheers all around if they’ve fixed that too.

The recent switch of the under utilized El Pirata Y El Perico counter service location to Tortuga Tavern encapsulates what Disney does so right and what is so wrong with Disney all in the same spot. A new overlay ties the restaurant directly to the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise and converts that section of Adventureland into a whole Pirate mini-land. Yet, at the same time, something went significantly wrong.

Let’s start with some of the good stuff.

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Disney’s Superbowl Ads

Disney showed off new trails for three of its up coming films during the Superbowl. Of course there was Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides:

But there were also two Marvel Studios films. Since Disney now owns, Marvel, let’s include these as Disney even if Buena Vista is not doing the distribution.

Check them out below the cut:

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First official images from Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides released

While the fourth movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series features the iconic character of Captain Jack Sparrow, most of the rest of the cast is brand spankin’ new. Therefore Disney has started an early press campaign with a release of official publicity photos to familiarize audiences with the new cast. I don’t mind, it means we get to see some interesting details before the May 20, 2011 release date.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” captures the fun, adventure and humor that ignited the hit franchise. Johnny Depp returns to his iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow in an action-packed tale of truth, betrayal, youth and demise. When Jack crosses paths with a woman from his past (Penelope Cruz), he’s not sure if it’s love—or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.

The international cast includes franchise vets Geoffrey Rush as the vengeful Captain Hector Barbossa, and Kevin R. McNally as Captain Jack’s longtime comrade Joshamee Gibbs, plus Sam Claflin as a stalwart missionary and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as a mysterious mermaid.

More promo shots below the jump:

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Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides rolls camera

Planning for the fourth movie in the huge success that has been the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series began almost immediately after the third film debuted on the screen. Now, with everything finally lined up and in place, filming has actually begun. Producer Jerry… Read More »Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides rolls camera