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Disneyland adds POTC4 Sneak Peak Show, WDW gets Zip

Sometimes you just have to tell things like it is. Disneyland is getting a great Pirates overlay on its Festival Arena and a nightly preview of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Add to that some walk around character interaction from Captain Jack Sparrow and you have a terrific opportunity for guest satisfaction and movie studio synergy. Walt Disney World is getting…. zip, zilch, nada. No Pirates 4 preview at all.

I realize Orlando is not exactly the hotbed of movie studio excitement, but there are 40+ million guests moving through Walt Disney World each year, many of whom would be more than happy to return home with tales of a special preview for Pirates of the Caribbean they got to see while on vacation. I’m probably just jealous, but I do think WDW is missing a great opportunity.

Check out below the jump for a behind the scenes look at the transformation of Disneyland’s Festival Arena into the Pirates preview: