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No Ordinary Family Episode 1-19: No Ordinary Future

Before we go any further, I’d like to point out that Saturday’s episode wasn’t the season final of No Ordinary Family. We’ve got one more episode coming on April 5th. And based on what we saw tonight, this show is going out with a bang.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to this one sooner. I had a busy weekend playing in an ultimate Frisbee tournament. (My team did well on Saturday but fell apart on Sunday.) But I watched it tonight, so let’s get to it.

We picked up exactly where we left off. Stephanie had just gone out for a run and vanished. She shows up in her neighborhood as a SWAT team is waiting to go into her house. She tries to find out what is going on, but no one acknowledges her presence. She goes inside to find Jim telling to kids to slip out the back door and hide. Then, she’s pulled back to her street. She does it again later, arriving as the school to find the kids in hiding but about to be discovered. And that’s when she figured out what is going on. She’s seeing events taking place on March 31st, but it’s really March 29th (the day this episode would have aired had it not gotten bumped for a Dancing with the Star recap).

A trip into the future of the police station finds all four of the Powells in chains. By this point, she’s figured out that someone has let the secret out. Suspicion falls on Chris since Daphne has told him about their powers. It doesn’t help that they’ve had a fight since Chris wanted Daphne to use her power to get Chris a raise and Daphne couldn’t bring herself to do it.

All the while, Jim has been working on solving the murder of Detective Cordero. Cordero was about to transfer to a different precinct, but he was gunned down. Jim and George begin to figure out that he was working on a case of police corruption. Jim gets close, and is gunned down in a parking lot, but obviously he’s okay.

Meanwhile, JJ has calculated exactly where and when Stephanie should run to find out what is causing the secret to come out. She arrives at City Hall to find out that it is Jim who gives the secret away when he is caught on camera flipping a car around in the air. And why did he do it? To keep George from being shot.

Of course, when Jim finds out that George is about to be murdered, he goes to the scene to prevent it. He slips into the car and punches out the gun man, one of the dirty cops. Daphne was in the area working things out with Chris, and Jim gets Daphne to help him find another cop who was going to shoot George as back up. Daphne finds him, but Jim is too far away to prevent anything, so Daphne uses her mind power to convince the cop to give her his gun.

This is the first that Jim and Stephanie knew about Daphne’s new power. They aren’t happy that she’s kept it from them. However, the also think she might also have “Joshua’s” ability to erase memories. They tell her to use it to erase Chris’ memory about their powers. Unfortunately, it also erases his memory of their relationship. I hadn’t realized just how much I can come to like Chris and Daphne together until that moment.

We learn in passing the Mr. Litchfield is missing, which I think will play into next week’s episode.

Then there’s Katie’s sub-plot. Turns out that Joshua didn’t bury Victoria when she was killed but took her to a lab. Mrs. X was able to revive her and sends her out to find out what she can about Katie. Victoria pretends to be Katie’s doctor and takes some samples to determine that Katie’s baby has powers. Mrs. X decides that once the baby is born, they should kill Katie and Victoria will raise the child. Things aren’t looking good on that front.

You know, I have never commented on how much I love Katie’s geekdom. I always find it funny that she is able to pull out the correct superhero reference on a moments notice. I don’t follow comics, but I usually at least pick up on what she is talking about.

Katie started to show pretty quickly since she just decided she was pregnant last week. Probably something about the actress being pregnant in real life.

And I loved Mrs. X’s line at one point while talking to Victoria. She referenced “Joshua, or whatever he is calling himself these days.” I laughed at that line. I wonder if we’ll ever learn what his real name is.

So, things are in place for an amazing finale next week. Hopefully they deliver and tie up enough stuff that if the show doesn’t come back we won’t be super disappointed.

While we wait until next Tuesday for the finale, read more about my weekend on my blog.  (Okay, updates will come tomorrow.  Haven’t had a chance to get it today.)