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Treasure Map from Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Treasure Map, #342 of 3,500, from Walt Disney Internet Group. Originally uploaded by joeyGibson. Flickr user Joey Gibson just got a cool piece of loot from the Walt Disney Internet Group as part of their Pirates Of The Caribbean Online MMO.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

After a few aborted attempts to see the film earlier, I finally saw Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End yesterday. There were only three showings at the Pleasure Island AMC yesterday but the theater was more than half full. So there is still some life in the salty old sea legs of that Pirate.… Read More »Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Morning Roundup – June 25

The American Adventure at EPCOT Center debuted an updated version of its finale this weekend. It now includes moments from 9-11-2001, current military operations, and other recent events. The Other Orlando Blog has more. The Hollywood Premiere for Pixar’s Ratatouille was this weekend and should have its report up soon. Plenty of reports coming… Read More »Morning Roundup – June 25

Real life Treasure Hunt interupts promotion for Disney’s Pirates Of the Caribbean film.

Odyssey Exploration divers working with the Disney/Volvo treasure hunt promotion found a real sunken shipwreck laden with treasure while scouting locations to hid the treasure chest that was part of the Volvo contest. They temporarily named the new location the ‘Black Swan’  Due to scavenge laws, confidentiality agreements with Volvo, and other twists the location… Read More »Real life Treasure Hunt interupts promotion for Disney’s Pirates Of the Caribbean film.

Morning Roundup – Friday May 18th

The Devil Rays took it into Extra Innings for the second time in three games. But they pulled out the win over the Texas Rangers. This completes the first three regular season MLB games held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. Except for the first night it sounds like the attendance was a success. Hopefully… Read More »Morning Roundup – Friday May 18th

Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean Cereal now at

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You can now purchase Kellogg’s Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow Cereal via Amazon’s new bulk grocery service. A pack of four is $11.74. Previously the cereal had only been available in select test markets. I just ordered mine and with the free 2-day shipping I get via Amazon Prime, I will be chowing… Read More »Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean Cereal now at

Keep To The Code: POTC

Getting excited about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequel? I Know I am. So I was doubly excited to find, an unofficial fan site that is keeping tabs on the movie’s progress. (Warning: Some rollover soundeffects may make this NSFW)

New Pirates Movie Info’s Latest includes info on the next Pirates film (titled: Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest) direct from Dick Cook’s mouth. Reports of work on the backlot at Universal Hollywood and sightings across the Bahamas have already begun. [ ttags: potc, pirates, depp, film, disney, orlando, bloom, knightly ]