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Morning Roundup – Friday May 18th

  • The Devil Rays took it into Extra Innings for the second time in three games. But they pulled out the win over the Texas Rangers. This completes the first three regular season MLB games held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. Except for the first night it sounds like the attendance was a success. Hopefully they’ll return again next year.
  • The fight to keep the Anaheim Resort area for tourism based businesses instead of housing projects has elevated tempers across town.
  • Disney World Cast Members who belong to the Unite HERE union coalition head to the polls to vote on a new contract. Disney has contracted with outside bus drivers to shuttle cast members to the polling booths since the union that represents the regular bus drivers opposes the current contract.
  • SocialMediaClub picks up on the story about Disney buying the youth social network/MMORG ClubPenguin or a similar property. MMORGs is the new theme park.
  • Upcoming Pixar reports on a pre-screening of Ratatouille at Pixar on Friday the 8th of June, starting at 6:00pm. Tickets are $250 per person, but there are only 235 seats available. All guests must be 21 years of age or older. All proceeds benefit the Emery Ed Fund.

The New York Times profiles some Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction fans who take it to the next level. Is there any aspect of Disney that inspires you to dress up and play along better than Pirates Of The Caribbean?