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Morning Roundup – June 25

  • The American Adventure at EPCOT Center debuted an updated version of its finale this weekend. It now includes moments from 9-11-2001, current military operations, and other recent events. The Other Orlando Blog has more.
  • The Hollywood Premiere for Pixar’s Ratatouille was this weekend and should have its report up soon. Plenty of reports coming in from those who have seen early screenings of Pixar’s Ratatouille. Couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t impressed. Even Rotten Tomatoes is unanimous.
  • Movie City News has a ‘lunch’ with Ratatouille composer Michael Giacchino and video blogged it for our benefit. You can also see Michael’s work in this Disney/Pixar behind the scenes video.
  • Variety pens the story of Pixar’s complete take over of the Walt Disney Company animation process. Really a return to the ways of Walt Disney.
  • Cinema Blend reports to have the scoop on a few plot details for fourth movie in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. Apparently the future films will focus on the Captain Jack character to the exclusion of the regulars we’re used to seeing. Johnny Depp might get as much as $40 million to make the next film.
  • MarketingWeek notes that Disney will be releasing the first video games under it’s Disney Princess brand. Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, will be on PS2, PC and Nintendo Wii formats, and Disney Princess: Magical Jewels, will be released on Nintendo’s DS format.