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Morning Roundup

  • ABC News is restructuring to focus on more of the digital aspects. Some layoffs will occur, but at least they see the writing on the wall. Does this mean Amanda Congdon will replace Charlie Gibson?
  • Found: home film footage from 1959 trip to Disneyland. It’s a little shakey, but if you’re patient you’ll be rewarded with attractions that are seldom seen on video (Midget Autopia, Stage Coach).
  • Headed to Walt Disney World? Be sure to bring your Nintendo DS to get special features and games unlocked for Disney’s Pirate games. More stuff like this is expected in the future.
  • Disney’s Tarzan The Musical will close after 486 performances on Broadway. Although the production was troubled by bad reviews, audience numbers were respectable. Looks like something changed recently.  It’s a shame that Beauty & The Beast is closing, perhaps they’ll move it to the Tarzan location instead. (Playbill Story too)
  • reports on the rumored temporary name for the restaurant in Epcot’s Italy – Tutto Italia. This will name will be used until the Patina group gets a chance to install their complete vision in the space.