Irresponsible Parents Visit Walt Disney World

I’ve seen some pretty irresponsible parenting during my many visits to Disney theme parks, but this takes the cake. Local news is reporting that couple was taken into custody after leaving their 3-year old child in a stroller while they enjoyed a ride through the air-conditioned Pirates Of The Caribbean. The child spent at least 45 minutes in the heat and sun before she was found. Reportedly unresponsive due to heat exhaustion she had to be revived by paramedics. The parents were arrested and charged with Felony Child Abuse. The girl was placed with relatives who hopefully didn’t get their parenting skills from the same source.

Can anyone beat that?

Btw, for future use. All attractions that have height limits or might otherwise be too intense for young children offer ‘Rider Switch’. Only one parent waits in queue while the other watches the child. When the first parent exits the other is allowed to bypass the queue (usually through the fastpass line).