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Disney Board to vote on Future of California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland is reporting a rumor that the Walt Disney Company board will soon be voting on competing fiscal plans and visions for fixing two of Disney’s ailing theme parks. Plans for both California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland are under consideration.

There is a possibility that the board could approve both but split the available capital accordingly. It seems that Jay Rasulo has a preference for concentrating on DCA initially but Bob Iger has an eye on improving the fortunes of the Company in China.

The sad truth is that both plans need to be addressed. Hong Kong Disneyland was under built and suffers from a lack of time absorbing attractions.

Honor Hunter recently wrote about exactly what the plans involve for California Adventure.

Almost everything will get some form of "plussing". And this new plan
will not end when DCA celebrates its 10th anniversary. This is a decade
long plan. A very well thought out plan. One that includes an
incredibly different entrance. One that evokes old Los Angeles, lots of
lush trees and greenery. Bye, bye plaza… hello Hollywood! Like
walking back into the world Walt encountered during his early years in

Maybe when all that is done, I’ll feel comfortable applying the ‘Disney’ name to Disneyland’s second gate. As it stands now, it doesn’t deserve the moniker.