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Morning Roundup – June 26

  • Pixar has released a new animation test of the chubby rat Emile from Ratatouille. It’s cute and funny, but not as funny as the animation first test released 4 months ago. That’s when I knew Rat-a-too-ee would be a winner. Also released today a clip that reveals Pixar’s true secret ‘Animators who can act‘ (Peter Sohn and Lou Romano who both voice characters in the film).
  • Variety explains some of the tricks ABC will use to make sure viewers stick around to watch commercial breaks rather than fast forward through them on the DVR. I’d be happy to stick around and watch something like they’re describing, but I think a return to ‘sponsored by’ spots would be beneficial too. Just like NASCAR fans show brand loyalty to their favorite driver sponsors, so too will regular viewers of ABC shows.
  • Leave it to the Motely Fool’s Rick Munarriz to clearly outline the business reasons why Disney’s reduction in the number of direct to DVD animation is a good idea. I think if the story is really good then it will be green lit. Could be a sequel or a new film, but story not dollar potential is the driving force now.   
  • The AP looks at Disney’s expanded licensing efforts to get branded goods into every nook and cranny of your life. This time its high end consumer goods.
  • The Detroit Free Press looks behind the scenes of the stage version of "High School Musical" as it rolls into town. Looks like there is lots of Broadway talent on the tour.
  • The Retroist ranks the top 12 Disney Afternoon tv shows from the early 90s. #1 was Disney’s Adventure of the Gummi Bears and #12 Hercules: The Animated Series. Don’t know how the Gummi Bears beat Duck Tales.
  • ESPN Announced it will host the All-American High School Football game at Disney’s Wide World Of Sports in January. I hope they’re not planning on using that cheesy pop-warner field with almost no bleachers.