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Agent Carter Recap: Episode 3 – Time and Tide


What this week’s episode lacks in action, it makes up for in character. After an announcement made by Peggy’s new landlady, she gets the idea to investigate the hole beneath Howard Stark’s safe to see if she can figure out how our mystery man broke in.

Just before she and Jarvis plan to make their way down to the safe, Thompson and Souza show up at the door. They’re investigating Stark’s license plate that was found in the wreckage of last week’s implosion. Because Stark is on the run, Jarvis is the number one suspect and is brought into SSR custody for interrogation.

Jarvis lies, claiming that Stark’s car was stolen that he reported it a few days earlier. In the SSR office, Peggy takes a figurative bullet for Javis when she claims that she lost the stolen car report, allowing Jarvis to go free putting her in hot water with her superiors.

However, it is revealed during the interrogation that, during the war, Jarvis was charged with treason and dishonorably discharged.

Back at her apartment, Peggy is getting ready to meet Jarvis when Angie shows up at the door. She tries to turn Angie away politely, but Angie is hurt non-the-less. As they leave her apartment, their landlady walks by and introduces them to her new tenant: Dorothy “Dottie” Underhill. Some people in the fan community think that Angie shouldn’t be trusted, but my money is on Dottie. This is the only scene that she’s in (clearly anyway) and I don’t think they introduced her for no reason. There’s more to her story.Read More »Agent Carter Recap: Episode 3 – Time and Tide

Stan Lee to cameo in Marvel’s Agent Carter


For Stan Lee’s next Marvel cameo he will travel back in time to 1946 an appear in Agent Carter. He gets around quite a lot for a 92 year old man. But it must be great seeing the characters you had a hand in creating continue living on in media beyond paper and ink.

Here are a couple shots taken of Lee on set.


You’ll have to wait until the January 27th episode to see Stan in action.

For a preview of tonight’s episode of Agent Carter expect to see the hunt for Howard Stark, who’s innocence Agent Carter is trying to prove, heat up.

Preview clip #1:

Preview Clip #2 is below the jump:Read More »Stan Lee to cameo in Marvel’s Agent Carter

Agent Carter Recap – Episodes 1 & 2: “Now is Not The End” and “Bridge and Tunnel”


After helping Captain America defeat the Red Skull in WWII, what do you do next? That’s the question that Peggy Carter is wrestling with as we meet her again, one year after the events of the first Captain America movie.

She works for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, (think S.H.I.E.L.D. before there was a S.H.I.E.L.D.), but, because she’s a woman, her fellow co-workers treat her more like a secretary than an agent.

News breaks that Howard Stark has been accused of selling his inventions (especially the dangerous ones) on the black market and has become a traitor to the United States.

Stark finds Carter that night to plead his innocence and ask for her help to clear his name. As he sails off into the harbor, Carter meets Edwin Jarvis, Stark’s butler and her new ally. They hit it off swimmingly:

“You’re new to espionage aren’t you?”
“Far from it. Last summer, I caught the cook pocketing the good spoons.”

Before he leaves, Stark tells Carter of a chemical formula that he’s created for molecular nitrate that she needs to get her hands on before the bad guys do.

What follows is a classic spy tale with disguises and cool gadgets as Carter plays double agent, trying to work both for and against the S.S.R. I’ve heard a few people compare the show to Alias and I would have to agree. The things I loved about Alias, I also love about Agent Carter. The end of the first episode would lead us to believe that Peggy isn’t the only one playing both sides.Read More »Agent Carter Recap – Episodes 1 & 2: “Now is Not The End” and “Bridge and Tunnel”

Action! It’s a new Marvel’s Agent Carter trailer

Agent Peggy Carter is a one woman army. You won’t want to miss her in the series premiere of Agent Carter, January 6th on ABC. The show stars Hayley Atwell as the agent leading the organization of S.H.I.E.L.D. while it gets its footing in the… Read More »Action! It’s a new Marvel’s Agent Carter trailer

Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis

In the Iron Man series Jarvis is Tony Stark’s computer driven personal agent. Eventually Jarvis becomes integral to the suit and perhaps something a bit more in future Avengers movies. In the comics Jarvis stands for – Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. But what… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek, Plus we meet the original Jarvis

Marvel’s Agent Carter Coming to ABC

With the news that Disney has renewed ABC’s hit show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD for a second season came this other juicy tidbit. Agent Carter, the show that would tell the story of the founding of the organization known as SHIELD, would also get a… Read More »Marvel’s Agent Carter Coming to ABC